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For some players, it’s a dealbreaker if a game that has a single-player experience still requires you to have an active internet connection so that your game client can “phone home”. While most players believe that it’s nonsensical that there is no offline mode for a game that can be played in single-player, apparently some developers do not share that sentiment, and from time to time, you can see the “Always Online” discussions and news prop up. Game preservationists greatly object to the GaaS (Games as a Service) model and for the right reasons. Let’s find out if you can play Diablo 4 Offline, without an internet connection, far up in the mountain in your forest cabin.

Is Diablo 4 an Always Online Game?

I am truly sorry to disappoint you, but Diablo 4 is an always-online game that requires a constant internet connection, even if you opt to play the game completely alone without grouping up with any other player. Seems that you will be “condemned” to play Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 on your vacation if you want to have a Diablo-themed trip without an internet connection.

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The “Always Online” mantra is, for most developers, yet another anti-piracy tool, because the game client of a player would need to constantly “confirm” that it is a legitimate copy of the game being played.

A wise man once said that piracy is not a pricing problem, but a service problem.

Does Diablo 4 Require Constant Internet Connection?

Diablo 4 indeed requires a constant internet connection. If we consider the above statement, it’s a shame that there is not, for example, an “incentive” to come and play online, to make those “offline” players come online out of their volition to reap those free benefits (but still retain the ability to play offline if there need be). The game is designed to be an MMORPG basically, so there is probably no offline play possibility being planned at all.

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The world is far from perfect, and unless Blizzard does something in the future to enable life for Diablo IV after the “service” ends, Diablo 4 servers will eventually just shut down permanently, and players will have to move on to… Diablo 5, or something else, who knows… Gotta keep the cog rolling! That’s all that we have for you today regarding this subject, but if you want to jump in on some more Diablo 4 action, check out our top articles such as Diablo 4: All Helltide Mystery Chest Locations Listed and Diablo 4 Microtransactions are Way Too Expensive at our game tag below.

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