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Custom Loadout Modern Warfare 3
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Loadouts are part of the Modern Warfare 3 campaign when you reach the Open Combat Missions, but they don’t work as you would imagine. I’ll go over whether you can use custom weapons in the loadout crates and exactly how they work within missions.

Can You Use Custom Weapons in Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

The answer is no, you cannot make any custom weapons in your loadouts during the MW3 campaign missions. Although there is an option to change your loadout during the Open Combat Missions, there are some hefty limitations on what you can actually change. In other words, there is no way to change the attachments on your weapons. You won’t be able to pick any weapons you want either.

To pick new weapons for your custom loadout in Modern Warfare 3’s campaign, you need to search the map for crates or enemy guns. Any time you pick up a fresh weapon or a new piece of equipment, it will be added to the list of available options in the “change loadout” screen. Locked weapons will still show up as well.

Like Warzone, many of the weapons have a set rarity that determines how many attachments are on the gun. This is really the only freedom you have in your loadouts. So, if you want a suppressed weapon, then you need to find one that already has a suppressor and then you can equip it at any loadout box on the map.

When you reach a new Open Combat Mission in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, you will need to find entirely new weapons. Anything you find during a mission stays within those loadouts and won’t move forward. Having all the weapons unlocked isn’t necessary at all, but it will get you closer to 100% completion.

For a full rundown on the weapon system in the campaign, learn how you can change your loadout in Modern Warfare 3.

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