How to Change Your Loadout in the Modern Warfare 3 Campaign

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Loadouts MW3 Campaign
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The Modern Warfare 3 campaign brings Open Combat Missions in for the first time, which means you can play however you want, and that includes smaller versions of loadouts. Before you storm some bases, I’ll cover how you can get some new weapons in these missions.

How to Change Your Campaign Loadout in MW3

To change your loadout in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign, you need to approach a Loadout Drop supply box. These are marked as white squares on the map and they tend to be surrounded by plenty of loot. So if you see a giant white cube with all kinds of icons, that means there’s a supply drop for you to grab.

Loadout Change MW3
Screenshot by Prima Games.

When you interact with the drop, you can instantly change your loadout. However, you don’t have access to all the guns and attachments in MW3. Instead, you can only choose from weapons and equipment discovered in your current mission. I recommend picking up any new weapons you find, so you have access to them later if you need it.

You can see how many weapons are available in the Open Combat Mission by pausing the game and looking at the bottom left of the screen. Much like collectibles, there is a set number of items you can discover for a 100% run. Just remember that these unlocks only apply to your current mission in the Modern Warfare 3 campaign.

It’s also important to note that these custom loadout boxes aren’t called in like a killstreak. They already exist on the map when the mission begins, and you need to find them. Luckily, they are all over the place and tend to appear where major objectives end in the MW3 mission.

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