Can You Get the Symbiote Powers Back in Spider-Man 2? Answered

Your Symbiote Powers are going nowhere.

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In Spider-Man 2, Peter will lose his Symbiote Powers at one point in the campaign during the second act, which means you will lose access to the Symbiote skills.

Now, you may wonder if you will ever get the new powers in the game back at some point. Well, we have an answer to your question in this guide.

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Will You Get The Symbiote Powers Back in Spider-Man 2?

Anti-Venom suit.
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Yes, you will get the Symbiote Powers back before the end of the story campaign. During the story mission “Set Things Right,” Peter will get access to an Anti-Venom suit that has all the Symbiote Powers. You can access the Symbiote Powers skill tree and return all the skills you unlocked.

However, these skills will not be the same as before but equivalent to the ones you had. These are integrated to take on Venom in a fight and deal extra damage to Symbiote enemies. Thus, the name of the Anti-Venom suit is given to it.

On top of that, the Black Suit you had before will not be accessible after the Venom Symbiote goes rogue, that is, until after you have completed the campaign. You will get the Black Suit and the Symbiote Suit after going past the final mission, but only the cosmetic aspects of them.

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