Can You Get Old Tokens In Monopoly GO?

Can you get the tokens you missed, or are you out of luck?

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Monopoly GO is an exciting mobile game that helps you get competitive with friends, but it also can give you a serious case of FOMO. If you’ve happened to miss out on a special token, is there any way you can earn it again, or is it gone forever?

Can You Earn Missed Tokens In Monopoly GO?

At this time, there is no way that you can earn back Tokens that you have missed. However, fans in the official Monopoly GO Discord have come up with a few ideas that Scopely could implement in the future. No matter if it’s via Events that Scopely could create, or special events that could take place on the boards, there are a variety of different ways that players could earn Tokens.

With tokens as recent as the Egyptian Cat, if you don’t get them, you lose them. While this does drive players to be constantly engaging with the game, there is also a great opportunity for Scopely to create new events that bring player engagement to new heights. Plus, the opportunity to snag these adorable tokens can keep players interested, especially if a new event doesn’t go over well with the players.

Dedicated fans would likely be willing to drop a few dollars to get their hands on a cute new token, so we’ll need to see which way Scopely decides to move forward to ensure that all players are happy and well taken care of. I’ll be the first to admit that I’d jump right into any events they throw my way for the chance to earn some new items to display on my little digital shelf.

Be sure to check out our Monopoly GO section below to learn more about the game, find out how many boards are included here, and see what you’ll need to do to add some new friends to the game. It’s more fun with more folks, so get ready to become the greatest tycoon of all time.

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