How Many Boards Are In Monopoly GO?

Excuse me, there's HOW many boards?

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Variety is the spice of life, and Monopoly GO offers a fair bit of variety to players working their way through all the boards available to them. You may be wondering, though, exactly how many boards are there, and are they all unique?

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As it stands, there are currently over 500 boards available for players to progress through, but not all of them are exactly unique. The number of unique boards is over 130 as of the time of this writing, so you may find yourself revisiting classic boards that you’ve played through in the past, albeit with some higher costs to start building compared to when you first started.

As Scopley continues to expand the Monopoly GO portfolio, we can hope to expect some new, unique boards once you reach a certain point in the game. If you’re playing off of free rolls earned through links and by exchanging stickers, it may take you months before you start seeing repeat boards. This may be a treat because I know I’m looking forward to revisiting Gnomeberg once I get past the unique options.

There is a bit of variety once you reach a certain point in the maps, however. You may revisit classic maps, but it may be nighttime in the particular location. It’s a slightly boring change, but it offers enough visual variety to make things interesting.

Whether you’ve been diving into the world of Monopoly GO for quite some time, or you may be just starting your adventure in this fun multiplayer mobile game, we’ve covered you in our section below. Learn how to block players from your friends list, and find out if there is a maximum number of friends you can have.

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