How To Get The Egyptian Cat Token In Monopoly GO

Find out how to get this adorable little kitty in your life.

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Monopoly GO is a game that likes to reward players the deeper they dig, and the Egyptian Treasures event is a perfect example of that. However, fans of this mobile game may not know that an exclusive token awaits them, so let’s find out how to get it.

How To Unlock Egyptian Cat Token In Monopoly GO

If you’re hoping to get your hands on this adorable token, you’ll need to keep digging and using plenty of pickaxes in the Egyptian Treasures event until you reach Level 14. Then, once you have completed this particular level of the challenge, this new token will be yours for the taking.

Unlike the shield skins that you can randomly unlock, Scopely is pretty generous when it comes to handing out new tokens that you can utilize on your board. Since this event runs for a fair number of days, you’ll have a bit of time to dig and unearth ancient treasures that await in this puzzling challenge.

You’ll want to ensure that you have plenty of dice available at any given time, primarily since you’ll mainly obtain Pick Axes that you can use in this particular event by landing on specific spaces. Unfortunately, multipliers will not affect the number of Pick Axes you receive when landing in these specific spaces.

Now that you’re ready to get moving through this event and work toward earning this new token be sure to check out our Monopoly GO section below to learn more about this exciting multiplayer game. Find out how to check the Monopoly GO Server Status to ensure that you won’t lose out on any play time during these fantastic events.

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