How to Get More Pickaxes in Monopoly GO

It's time to dig for treasure!

Monopoly GO how to get more pickaxes
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Monopoly GO’s Egyptian Treasures event is back in full swing for everyone to experience, and with that starts the grind for dice, money, and pickaxes to uncover artifacts. Here’s how to get more pickaxes in Monopoly GO.

Monopoly GO Egyptian Treasures Guide: How to Get More Pickaxes

The best way to get more pickaxes in Monopoly GO is to participate in events and complete your daily quick wins. Events like Tax Refund occasionally give out pickaxes as you progress through their levels, while quick wins reward you a few pickaxes per objective.

Events Rewards

Monopoly GO hosts events that reward you with dice, cash, stickers, and other miscellaneous prizes to help you progress through the game. Often, when a major ongoing tournament or side event starts, their respective points will also appear as potential rewards.

For example, 185 total pickaxes are available during the Tax Refund event from levels 1-50. While it takes thousands of dice and a lot of time to reach the end, the pickaxes you obtain can help you clear several levels, potentially completing the entire Egyptian Treasures event if you’re lucky.

Quick Wins

Another way to get pickaxes is to complete your daily quick wins. You can finish three a day, each rewarding you with around 3-4 pickaxes, allowing you to receive around a dozen per day. You’ll get enough pickaxes to clear at least two or three levels if you do every quick win during the Egyptian Treasures event.

While fewer quick win pickaxes are available than those obtained during the Tax Refund event, quick wins are much easier to complete, as they’re designed for most players to finish in 24 hours.

How to Use Pickaxes in Monopoly GO

Once you’ve gotten some pickaxes, open the Egyptian Treasures event bubble on the right side of your phone screen. Here, you’ll find a sand pit hiding treasures. Use your newly acquired pickaxes to clear out these blocks and uncover artifacts. As you find more items and move on to the next area, you’ll gain rewards like free dice, sticker packs, and cash.

Now that you’ve learned how to collect pickaxes for this event, it’s time to work toward completing sticker packs! Be sure to check out how to get five-star stickers in Monopoly GO, or click the tag below to explore our growing article list.

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