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Can you Get More Improvement Hubs in Minecraft Legends? – Answered

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by Patrick Souza

While progressing through Campaign mode in Minecraft Legends, one of the most important structures are the Improvement Hubs. After all, you need them to build your upgrades and get access to stronger and more powerful tools in your fight for the Overworld. They are all located next to the Well of Fate in the center of the map, but is there any other way to get more Improvement Hubs throughout Minecraft Legends?

Can You Unlock More Improvement Hubs in Minecraft Legends?

You cannot build any other Improvement Hubs in the game, and you’re stuck with having the four initial ones for the rest of the game. No other areas will receive extra Improvement Hubs either, so whenever you get a new “Improvement” structure, you’re forced to pay a visit to your main hub in the game to even start using it. 

But aside from being somewhat inconvenient, this is not as terrible as it sounds. Various story moments have you coming back to the Well from time to time, so it’s not like you’re taking a huge detour. Fast Travel is also a thing, so paying a quick visit to the map’s center is never too big of a hassle. It would definitely be welcoming to be able to build those hubs as we can build Wellhouses around the map, but it seems that it’s just not happening.

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It’s one more of those minor issues in the game (such as being unable to remove units from your army easily) that make it slightly more complicated than it sounds. But when looking at the good side, that’s one less building to worry about. And since you have four Hubs, there’s more than enough space to place all of the “Improvement” structures you’ll need along the game. One trip is all that separates you from them. 

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