Can you Defend Two Villages in Minecraft Legends

Can you Defend Two Villages in Minecraft Legends? – Answered

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When nightfall descends upon your Minecraft Legends world, chaos begins to stir. One of the most stressful yet exciting parts is the nightly Piglin raids, which you’re responsible for combating. By heading into a village, unleashing your army and building defensive structures, you fight back against Piglin hordes and save the world again.

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What if there are multiple raids, though? At first, this sounds impossible since you can only be in one spot at a time. Don’t worry; I’m here to share some stories about it. If you want to learn more, continue reading to find out whether you can defend two or more villages at a time in Minecraft Legends.

Can you Defend Two Villages in Minecraft Legends?

Whether you can defend multiple villages depends on your defenses! While you and your minions significantly damage the hordes, you have plenty of ways to fight back. From defensive buildings to taking advantage of nearby support structures, there is no shortage of ways to make your village defenses powerful. Just look at the Redstone Launcher and how easily it can wreck entire Piglin bases!

With that said, can you defend two villages in Minecraft Legends? Definitely! It’s about more than just supporting two at the same time. Instead, you can protect every village in your world if you have enough defensive structures and check up on them once in a while. They can all become self-sufficient, allowing you to explore the world and target Piglin bases without worrying about the raids. It’ll take a lot of time and effort to get here, though.

Starter Village Defence in Minecraft Legends
Wood walls and towers are your go-to early on!

Improving Your Defenses

In the beginning, you’ll have to visit your villages and protect them as you build up their defenses. It’ll start with building arrow towers and walls, but over time, you’ll unlock structures like Redstone launchers, protector towers and traps, allowing you to wipe out entire groups in no time at all. There are also various support buildings, like the carpenter hut and battle drum, that strengthen your attack towers.

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One of the most important buildings for defense is the masonry, a structure that turns your walls, towers and gates into stone. Without this, your villages will have weak, wood buildings instead that enemies can easily break through. However, you’ll need a lot of iron for this, so be prepared to spend some time exploring the world for iron ore veins. If you have any trouble doing this and need a bit of advice, be sure to check out where to find iron in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends Stone Structures for Village Defence
Combine stone buildings with your trusty cannon!

Supporting Your Villages

Even if you build a powerful, impenetrable defense for your villages, make sure you don’t abandon them completely! I made this mistake early on and ended up paying dearly for it, with multiple of my villages being defeated by huge Piglin armies. The difficulty ramps up a lot, and you’ll have to return occasionally to make sure your walls, towers and support structures are still intact. One small break in defenses can cause the whole system to shut down!

Fortunately, as long as your defenses are strong, you won’t have to stay for too long. Quickly fast-travel there, make sure things are smooth sailing, then move onto the next to see how things are going. As you unlock more buildings, improve your defenses to give even better odds of your villages becoming self-sufficient!

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