Can You Fix “You’re Too Early” Xbox Error in Starfield?

Can't get in? Find out what's going on.

Starfield is one of the most anticipated games coming to Xbox and Steam, but it looks like there are a few issues holding players back from getting into Bethesda’s latest epic. However, if you’re anything like me who is still waiting for Starfield to finally unlock on Game Pass, you may be encountering a fatal error that is locking you out of the game, and you’re not alone. Let’s see if there is any way to get past this error and see what is causing it.

How To Fix “You’re Too Early” Xbox Error in Starfield

Screenshot by Prima Games via Bethesda Game Studios Discord Channel (LunarNeko)

At the moment, there is no way to bypass this error. That’s literally why I’m here: because I’m waiting patiently to get into this game myself. I’ve been paying attention to the Bethesda Discord server, where Moderators such as LunarNeko have been trying to update players as to the progress that the Bethesda team has been making.

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Is it truly a Bethesda launch if there aren’t plenty of bugs and issues plaguing the release? At this time, the only thing we can do is patiently wait until the game is ready to unlock and keep our eyes peeled on the Discord to see what is developing. A little bit of performance anxiety is worth the wait, as we found out in our review of the game.

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