Can You Do Cross-Platform Trades in Warframe? – Answered

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If you’re not the type to spend money on video games, Warframe thankfully has another way you can get some of its premium currency: trading. Using some of your rarer rewards that are tradeable, you can trade with other players using the Market chat to either get yourself some Platinum or spend some of that Platinum on whatever you might need. With the game’s community spanning several different platforms, you may wonder if trading with your Nintendo-sided or Xbox-loving friends is possible. Here’s whether you can do cross-platform trades in Warframe.

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Are You Able to Trade With Players on Other Platforms in Warframe?

Sadly, no. As of writing, PC players can’t trade with players on Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch. The same can be said about any of those platforms trading with one another alongside PC. This is because the cross-play functionality is still in beta and has a lot of features it needs to roll out before it can be considered complete. At the moment, the team is heavily focused on cross-saves (one account save instead of multiple different ones on different platforms), so it’s likely we won’t see trading for a while.

Would it Affect the Warframe Market to Have Cross-Platform Trades?

In terms of the market, it’s likely for the best that it stays that way. Market prices on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch all vary to some degree if the Warframe Market site is anything to go off of. Having those merged together will likely create chaos as prices go all over the place. Having a market destabilized that much can be damaging for the in-game economy, though to what degree we’re currently unsure.

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With all this being said, we will eventually see cross-platform trading added to Warframe. It’s on the team’s list even if it’s a low priority right now, so expect to see fires crop up in trade chat soon enough. If you’re looking to make some money before that all goes down, check out our guide on the best ways to earn Platinum in Warframe.

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