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How to Get the Malignant Force Mod in Warframe

Malignant for your enemies, maybe.

by Shawn Robinson
Warframe Malignant Force Mod

In Warframe, ensuring that you have the correct build is essential to taking down high-level foes. You can mostly get by at the start by auto-modding your gear, but you’ll get much further if you manually apply mods yourself and ensure that they synergize well. One status-focused mod can provide a lot of value, but its method of being acquired is surprisingly narrow. Here’s how to get the Malignant Force mod in Warframe.

Where to Find Malignant Force in Warframe

The Malignant Force mod can be obtained by defeating Corrupted Vor, who has a 25% chance to drop the mod alongside three other mods. Corrupted Vor can only be found in level 40+ missions in the Orokin Void. If you’re hungering for Malignant Force, then you’ll want to ideally farm the Mot Survival mission. Run it until he spawns, and when he does, kill him and run to extraction. Then, repeat the process until you get the Malignant Force mod.

What Does the Malignant Force Mod Do?

Malignant Force provides any rifle with a 60% increase in Toxin damage alongside a 60% Status Chance boost. Funny enough, the other three mods that Corrupted Vor can drop all apply the same effects, only for different weapon types. As for Malignant Force, this makes it especially good for rifles that chew through a lot of ammo, since you’ll be able to apply the Toxin proc more effectively. I run it myself in my build for the Amprex since it sports a 100 ammo magazine making it ideal for dumping status procs into a target.

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If you’re not into farming the mod or simply have some spare plat that you’re itching to spend, you can ask other players to sell you the mod. Since Trade Chat is admittedly quite the scam, you can pick up the Malignant Force mod for somewhere between 6-7 plat on Ideally, you’d farm a mod that has a 25% chance to drop, but you should do whatever pleases you.

If you’re still on the hunt for mods to help you with particular weapon builds, have a look at our guide on how to get the Amalgam Organ Shatter mod in Warframe.

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