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Can You Choose Which Character to Play As in Dragon Quest Treasures? – Answered

Blue-haired anime child, or blue-haired anime child? The choice is yours

by Lucas White

In Dragon Quest Treasures, you follow the early childhood adventures of Erik and Mia, two important characters from Dragon Quest XI. Ahead of getting your hands on the game yourself, you may be wondering if you get to choose who you play as. Or if you have any control over swapping between characters. We have the exact information you need.

Can You Choose Which Character to Play As in Dragon Quest Treasures?

Dragon Quest Treasures starts with Erik in the player’s hands. But not long after that, you’re switched to Mia. Then you control Erik again for a while. But just as it starts to seem like the game is going to just force you back and forth arbitrarily, the option to choose is unlocked.

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Advance in the story just past when you’re saddled with Erik for the second time, and you’ll get a little cutscene introducing the mechanic.

From that point on, you can trot over to the campfire at your gang’s home base and chat with the sibling you aren’t using to swap. Erik and Mia have the same abilities and share the same level, so it’s really just a matter of personal preference.

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When you unlock the ability to send your benched monsters out on dispatch missions, technically, the sibling you aren’t controlling is going out with them. Which gets confusing once you gain additional search party slots, but at that point, we’re probably supposed to stop asking logistical questions. Either way, you don’t need to worry about leaving your brother and/or sister behind to be bored.

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