How to Unlock Online Features in Dragon Quest Treasures

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It’s mostly a single-player affair, but Square Enix has implemented some multiplayer interaction in Dragon Quest Treasures. There are two different activities you can engage in, which mostly involve player guilds showing off to each other. After all, what good is a Treasure Trove without people to “oooo” and “ahhh” at it? You don’t just get these activities out of the box, though. Here’s how to unlock the online features in Dragon Quest Treasures.

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How to Unlock Online Features in Dragon Quest Treasures

Like many features, unlocking the online gimmicks involves raising your gang’s ranking. In this case, getting up to rank 4 is what you need to go online and share your swag. You’ll need to reach ten million gold in treasure value to hit that rank, which is a lot easier than it sounds on paper.

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Once you reach rank 4, your trusty ol’ train conductor Mr. Euston will introduce you to AL4N. This fellow is a diplo-bot, which is apparently what you get when you outfit a Hunter Mech with a hat and bowtie. He’ll tell you all about the online activities you can play with, Treasure Hunt and Treasure Tours.

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In Treasure Hunt, you’ll “connect with other gangs and search for each other’s hidden treasure.” And in Treasure Tours, you can “send your monsters to visit other gangs and welcome their monsters to your base.” You can also invite players to your base directly by establishing and sharing a Gang ID and Password. You can set up a group of monsters and have them hold treasures, and players that visit you will be able to go home with copies of those treasures.

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It’s a far cry from some kind of co-op or monster battle mode, but that’s not the kind of game Dragon Quest Treasures is.

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