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Does Dragon Quest Treasures Have Fall Damage? – Answered

Seriously I had no idea there was an elevator

by Lucas White

The beginning of Dragon Quest Treasures is interesting. After the story is set up and you establish your treasure-hunting gang’s base, you get to go out and explore for the first time. But when you arrive at the Snouterhorn Station, your way down to the actual fields of The Snouterhorn isn’t clear. There’s an elevator, but chances are you’ll be walking right past it. Instead, you’ll be wondering if you can safely take a leap of faith from the strange metal structure you’re on top of. Or maybe I’m just stupid. Either way, is there fall damage in Dragon Quest Treasures? Will long drops kill you?

Does Dragon Quest Treasures Have Fall Damage?

Let’s find out together, shall we?

There certainly hasn’t been any nasty fanfare or Mario-like wailing indicating I’ve made a mistake. That seems like a pretty good sign we’re in the clear!

I took 89 damage 🙁

Oh. Well, that answers that, then. That’s not a ton of damage though, so at least it wasn’t a total waste of time. Thanks for the tutorial message after I already annihilated my whole skeleton, Dragon Quest Treasures. Possibly could’ve used that a bit earlier! Or you know, better signposting there’s a lift I could’ve taken.

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Ah well, this little predicament led to some solid content, even if it came at my expense. Don’t jump off high ledges and expect to be fine afterward, folks! That said, if you’re riding on a monster using the Sprint Forte, you can avoid fall damage. So I guess the answer is yes, but also no?

Lucas White

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