8 Things You Should Know Before Starting Dragon Quest Treasures

How to be the best thie-treasure hunter

Dragon Quest Treasures is a big game! It’s also a brand new game, and for reasons I’m not sure of these kinds of articles do well. They’re fun to write though, so hopefully you find something in here that’s useful. Lots of shots taken in the dark on this bad boy. Anyway, here are some tips and things you should know before starting Dragon Quest Treasures.

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Nooks and Crannies

Dragon Quest games usually love to lead you down side paths with nothing at the end. But Treasures bucks that troll trend and actually tucks little rewards out of sight for you. If there are piles of boxes, waterfalls, rock formations and whatnot, make sure to swivel that camera around to look into small spaces. You can often find items or minor treasure chests hidden from plain view.

Treasure Climbing

Something I’ve noticed when hunting for treasure is that you almost always need to climb to get it. If you’re driving yourself bonkers trying to figure out where your Treasure Vision is trying to point you, look up. If there’s anything resembling a path to higher ground, the treasure is probably up there.

(Impaired) Treasure Vision

This is an ability that lets you see a hidden valuable’s location, through the eyes of your monster buddies. That means if the monster is a bird, or wearing a helmet or something, your view of the spot will be… different. Make sure to have a few different kinds of monsters with you so you can put together a decent sense of space during Treasure Vision.

Do the Dailies

Always check the daily quests if you’re playing Dragon Quest Treasures on the regular. It’s one of the most reliable ways to get Chimera Wings, which aren’t easy to get early on.

Don’t Ignore the Junk

In this game there are three types of treasures. There’s Capital-T Treasure, normal boxes that just contain items and Bric-A-Brac, which is where the trash lives. But if you find some it’s still worth picking up. Those treasures are unique, and can sometimes be worth plenty of money despite being Horse Manure or whatever.

Focus on Ranks and Facilities First

Once the game gets going you’re shown different directions you can head in. But instead of looking for the special Dragon Stones or restoring railroads, I recommend starting with treasure runs to increase ranks. Getting through the first handful of gang ranks unlocks important features and gives you boosts to things like monster scouting rates. That stuff is crucial to have ASAP. And Miss Cecily also gives you quests to unlock new Facilities at home base, including bigger monster storage and bespoke shops. You can advance the story later.

Hunt Metal Slimes at Night

Don’t get frustrated trying to corner Metal Slimes during the day when you’re still figuring everything out. But when it’s night time, go for it. Metal Slimes are just as vulnerable to going “savage” (ugh) at night, meaning they’ll be hyper aggressive and charge you on sight. Easy EXP!

Launch, Glide and Stealth

When you’re out hunting for treasure, there are three Fortes that are better than the rest. With the three I noted above you’ll be able to access every environmental barrier to goodies. Scan and Sprint are fine and all, but they don’t help you reach things.

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