Can Seedot be Shiny in Pokemon GO? – Answered

The Acorn Pokemon is in the spotlight.

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On the surface, Seedot looks like your typical cute Pokemon, but we all know he turns into the wicked Shiftry that’s always been a favorite Dark and Grass-type. Shiftry already looks awesome, but another way to make earning one even better is to find a shiny Seedot in Pokemon GO.

Within GO, most of the Pokemon have a shiny form at this point, but there is still a fair amount missing from the overall list. Niantic tends to save them for major events in order to keep Trainers coming. But does that mean we need to wait for Shiny Seedot as well, or is it already available?

Pokemon GO – Can Seedot be Shiny?

Whether you’re simply searching the wild or you’re waiting for the Spotlight Hour, we have good news for you. Yes, Seedot does have a shiny form that Trainers can catch in Pokemon GO. The shiny color variation has a deep red-orange tint rather than the wood brown that we’re all used to. This red tint also carries over to Shiftry.

Seedot will be in the Spotlight Hour on January 17, and that’s the perfect time to try and catch a shiny variant before any other major events. During the hour, which starts at 6 PM local time, there will be nearly non-stop spawns for the Akorn Pokemon all over the wild. However, the chances of encountering a shiny in the wild will still be around 1 in 500.

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To increase your chances of successfully finding a shiny, make sure that you have Incense Lures and Lure Modules activated. With those equipped, walk around areas that are highly populated and full of PokeStops. Good luck in earning a shiny Seedot for your Pokemon GO collection.

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