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Can Ponyta Be Shiny in Pokemon GO – Answered

Go out in a blue blaze of glory

by Daphne Fama

Ponyta’s racing out onto the field in a big way, and trainers everywhere are wondering one thing. Can Ponyta be shiny in Pokemon GO? Here’s your question answered.

Can Ponyta Be Shiny in Pokemon GO – Answered

Ponyta is one of the most beloved Generation I Pokemon and for good reason. Its style and speed make it a great STAB attacker, and it’s also just really, really cute.

And between May 11 at 10:00 am local time to May 17 at 8:00 pm local time, you’ll have a chance to encounter a unique Ponyta with a Candela-themed accessory. This Ponyta is part of the “A Valorous Hero Special Research” story, and it’s inspired many trainers to ask if you can catch Ponyta shiny.

The answer is yes! Ponyta can be found in the wild and through special encounters in its Shiny form.

This also includes Galarian Ponyta, who will begin appearing in 1-Star Raids, and the unique Candela-themed accessory-wearing Ponyta.

Generally, the chance of encountering a Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO is pretty low. For most Pokemon, those odds are one in 500. Ponyta is also a rare spawn, which doesn’t make things any easier. You can up your chances of encountering Ponyta by hatching 5km eggs or by checking out fire-heavy biomes like residential areas, cities, beaches, and areas with dry or arid climates. Your odds aren’t great, but a Ponyta with blue flames is pretty cool.

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Unfortunately, if your heart is set on Galarian Ponyta, you’re in for a long hunt, as it has even lower spawn rates.  

If you’re curious about some of the rarer Pokemon Pokemon GO has to offer, check out how to get the ghostly and elusive Shedinja here: How to Get Shedinja in Pokemon GO.

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