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Can Petilil be Shiny? – Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour

by Daniel Wenerowicz
Petilil Spotlight

Another Tuesday means another fresh Spotlight Hour in Pokémon GO, and this week, the main feature is Petilil. This Grass-type doesn’t appear too often in the mobile game unless there is a major event, so this is the perfect time to go out and get as many candies as possible.

But candies aren’t the main reason that most Trainers jump into the Spotlight Hour week after week. Instead, many players are on the hunt for a new shiny, and that’s also the case for Petilil this week. Not every Pokémon has a shiny form though, so we’re here to go over whether it’s possible to get a new shiny for the week of November 22 in Pokémon GO.

Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour – Can Petilil be Shiny?

Unfortunately this week there will be no shiny hunt for Trainers to go on. Petilil does not currently have a shiny form in Pokémon GO that can be caught. By extension, there is no way to get a shiny Lilligant whether you catch one or you evolve your Petilil with candies.

Shiny Pokémon are typically introduced in GO when a major event goes live, which is why there are still so many random Generations missing a shiny option. These shinies are used as some of the event content, and once the event is over, they remain in the game for good. The Spotlight Hour does not count as an event thought.

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For those who still wish to participate in the Spotlight Hour, it takes place at 6 pm local time on November 22. These always run for exactly one hour which gives Trainers until 7 pm to get all the candy that they can. Lilligant can be tough to get because Petilil doesn’t appear in the wild often, so take this opportunity if you are missing that part of Generation V.

Next week is Hoothoot in the Spotlight Hour for GO. Along with the new Astral event, there should be plenty of opportunities for a shiny catch.

And that’s all. For more of the latest news, updates, and guides, head over to the dedicated Pokémon GO section of our site.