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Can Mareanie be Shiny in Pokemon GO? Answered

Pink is the new purple

Can Mareanie be found in its shiny coloration in Pokemon GO? We have the answer to that question and additional information on Mareanie.

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Can Mareanie be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes, Mareanie can be found in its shiny colors in Pokemon GO. Its shiny coloration is very pink (as seen below on the right), compared to its usual purple and blue colors (as seen below on the left). The same goes for its evolution Toxapex.

Mareanie and Toxapex are some of the more “obvious” shiny Pokemon because of their stark color differences. However, if any factor makes it difficult to tell the colors apart, a shiny Pokemon will always display a sparkling animation when they’re encountered. They will also have a colored name and an icon with three sparkles next to their name for additional clarity.

How Can You Find Shiny Mareanie in Pokemon GO?

Currently, Mareanie can be found as a wild encounter in Pokemon GO, where it has a rare chance of being shiny. It may sometimes be made into a focus Pokemon, such as during the previous May 2024 Spotlight Hours. During such occasions, Mareanie will still have a chance to be shiny. Event information will make it clear if Mareanie ever has an increased chance of being shiny, or if its chances will be the same as when it’s found in the wild outside of an event.

How to Evolve Mareanie into Toxapex in Pokemon GO

Whether your Mareanie is shiny or not, it helps to know how to evolve it into Toxapex in Pokemon GO. All you need is 50 Mareanie Candy to evolve Mareanie into Toxapex. The easiest way to stock up on Mareanie Candy quickly is to use a Pinap Berry each time you encounter one to increase the amount of Candy you get from catching it.

Mareanie may not appear as commonly in the wild as Pidgey or Caterpie, but it’s a lot more common compared to its typical dinner, Corsola. If you’re looking to obtain Corsola in Pokemon GO (ideally for your collection and not to feed to your Mareanie), keep an eye out for the Pokemon GO Fest 2024: Global event, when ticket holders will have a chance to find Corsola (both regular and shiny) while using Incense.

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