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Can Keldeo be Shiny in Pokémon GO? – Answered

Start with the ordinary form.

by Daniel Wenerowicz

The first Mythical debut of the season is on the way in Pokémon GO during the Mythic Blade event in early December. Keldeo will appear in the game through a Special Research story, and as always, Trainers are wondering whether the Colt Pokémon can be caught in a shiny form.

Many of the events in Pokémon GO feature a shiny debut in order to bring players back for more. Over time, the amount of shiny Pokémon has increased a ton, but there are still a good amount of them missing their alternate colors. In this guide, we’ll go over whether Keldeo can be shiny or not and how you can catch it.

Pokémon GO – Can Keldeo be Shiny?

Mythic Blade went live on December 6, but the main event will begin on December 10. During that time, Keldeo will make a debut appearance, but the Mythical can’t be shiny this time around. Most Pokémon, when they make a debut in GO, will not have a shiny form to catch. These are always saved for a later event.

If Keldeo were a normal Legendary, it would be easy to say that Trainers could get the shiny form in a later raid event, but Mythicals tend to follow a different rule set. Pokémon like Shaymin have only appeared once in Special Research, and we still haven’t seen them return. For this reason, Mythicals tend to be much more elusive, but that could change in the future.

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To catch the Ordinary Form of Keldeo on December 10, you’ll need a ticket for the weekend portion of the event in Pokémon GO. This ticket will cost about $8, but it does at least come with some extra items beyond access to the Special Research story. Without the ticket, you’ll likely miss Keldeo for the time being, but Pokémon GO always features returning events.

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