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Can Drilbur be Shiny in Pokemon GO? – Answered

Why have it in grey when you could get it in pink?

by Daphne Fama

It might be two months too late for Groundhog Day, but get on your Pokemon hunting shoes because for a limited time Drilbur is more common than ever. But can you catch the coveted alternative version of it? Can Drilbur be Shiny in Pokemon GO? – Answered.

Can Drilbur be Shiny in Pokemon GO? – Answered

From April 20 to April 26, Pokemon GO is all about the environment for Sustainability Week. And that means a medley of grass and earthy Pokemon up for grabs. That includes the adorable Drilbur, with claws the length of its entire body.

Drilbur will be spawning at higher rates during this event, and yes, it can be Shiny! Here’s how to increase your chances of encountering it.

While the Bounsweet family is technically in the spotlight this week, Drilbur has increased odds of being found during wild encounters during the Sustainable Week event. But outside of this event, you can still find it in every biome. During this event, Drilbur also has a chance of hatching from 2 km eggs. But outside of this event, expect it to crack out of 5km eggs.

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But actually finding Drilbur as a Shiny Pokemon can be quite difficult. Even during this event, Drilbur does not have increased odds of being found Shiny, meaning there’s only a 1 in 500 chance of encountering one. But you can boost your odds of encountering this little mole by using a Lure or Daily Incense.

While Drilbur isn’t worth much in battle, its evolved form, Excadrill, is fantastic in the Master Leagues. It’s an excellent counter to Pokemon like Metagross, Dialga, and Togekiss. So, good luck hunting it down.

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