Can Detective Pikachu Be Shiny in Pokemon GO? – Answered

He's here to solve crimes and maybe be slightly orange.

Our favorite mascot is back in the latest headgear. And if you’re a Pokemaniac with a love of all things Shiny and unique, you might wonder, can Pikachu wearing a Detective Hat be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Can Pikachu Wearing a Detective Hat be Shiny in Pokemon GO? – Answered

If you play Pokemon GO, you’ll know that there is no shortage of Pikachus wearing adorable little hats in celebration of whatever event is happening in-game. And, from October 5 to October 9, 2023, trainers will be able to encounter their very own Pikachu wearing a Detective Hat.

And, yes, you can get Shiny Detective Pikachu in Pokemon GO!

Detective Pikachu Shiny
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Pikachu wearing a Detective Hat is just one of the many Shiny Pokemon available during Pokemon GO’s Detective Pikachu Returns Event. Players will also find that Growlithe, Slowpoke wearing a tiny hat, Alolan Exeggutor, Magikarp, Xatu, Lotad, Chimecho, and Bronzor have increased Shiny odds for this five-day event.

Pikachu wearing a Detective Hat can also evolve, meaning it’s possible for you to get your very own Shiny Raichu wearing a Detective Hat, too!

How to Find Pikachu Wearing a Detective Hat in Pokemon GO

There are three guaranteed ways to find a Pikachu wearing a Detective Hat.

  • It must be between October 5 and October 9, 2023.
  • As a wild encounter
  • From snapshots
  • By completing Event Timed Research

While Pikachus wearing Detective Hats will be available in the wild once a day, you can get a surprise encounter from this special Pikachu by taking snapshots. Likewise, Professor Willow will reward you with a Pikachu encounter if you help her with enough Timed Research tasks.

Our very own editor found a Shiny Detective Pikachu on the first day of the event. He found his while completing the second task of the first step of the Timed Research Event.

But note these Timed Research tasks expire on October 9, 2023, at 8:00 PM local time, so don’t forget to tackle them early.

Field Research tasks, on the other hand, will net you Sudowoodo, Snivy, or Rowlet. And Sudowoodo and Snivy both have the chance of being shiny, too.

If you’re wondering why Detective Pikachu has taken center stage in Pokemon GO, it’s to celebrate the release of Detective Pikachu Returns on the Nintendo Switch.

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