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Can Cubchoo be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered

Would you hug Cubchoo and get the worst cold of your life for 20 bucks?

by Patrick Souza
Can Cubchoo be Shiny in Pokemon Go

With a booger almost as big as itself that seems to be almost as important as Charmander’s tail flame, Cubchoo is one of the cutest Pokemon ever introduced. C’mon, don’t tell me you wouldn’t hug this fluffy little snotty kid. Squeezing it now is our best chance before it evolves into Beartic, which would surely crush all of my bones even without trying. I do want an authentic bear hug, but I’d still like to walk, thank you.

Extra hugging points if you manage to cuddle with its shiny version with that cute light purple head instead of the usual blue. A very bright (and probably not very hygienic) hug indeed. But can you do it in Pokemon Go, or is this cute arctic bear cub another shiny-locked creature in the mobile game?

Can Cubchoo be Shiny in Pokemon Go? – Answered

As with most other creatures in the game, Cubchoo can always be shiny in Pokemon Go whether you’re hunting for the regular version or the exclusive Holiday Ribbon version. The Pokemon was originally introduced way back in 2020 celebrations and has returned to enjoy the new year parties.

And if you manage to get across Cubchoo or Beartic, be assured that you’ll always have a shot at them being in their alternated-color versions. The usual chance for a regular Wild shiny is around 1/500 in Go, but it could be bigger depending on certain circumstances.

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So if you ever stumble across a Spotlight Hour or any raid including this little baby, keep your eyes open to the ever-present chance of getting a cool new shiny. Beartic may not change much after it evolves, but he gets a better-looking white shade. 

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