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Is Avalugg Good in Pokemon Go? – Answered

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by Daphne Fama

Who doesn’t love a Pokemon who’s essentially just a giant slab of ice? Avalugg is precisely that. Just a big ol’ boy made of ice that could be a sentient ice rink if you wanted. But you might be wondering how this Pokemon fares in Pokemon GO, especially if you’re trying to decide between Avalugg or Hisuian Avalugg, who made its first appearance earlier this week.

Is Avalugg Good in Pokemon Go? – Answered

If you’re wondering if Avalugg is a good Pokemon in Pokemon GO, the short answer is: meh, it’s okay.

Avalugg stats skewy towards the defensive and tanky, which match its appearance. And while it can’t outshine legendary Pokemon like Lugia and Cresselia, its stats match closely with Snorlax. But there’s one massive issue with Avalugg and that’s its typing.

Avalugg is a pure Ice Type, which is awful for a Pokemon who’s playing the role of a tank. Ice has no shortage of weaknesses, and it can only resist other Ice moves. Because Fighting and Steel is so prominent in the Leagues, it’s likely that Avalugg will never be your star damage sponge.

As for its move set, Avalugg has both its good and bad. Its charge moves are fantastic and include Body Slam and Avalanche. It also has coverage with Crunch and Earthquake, which will help ward off some of the Pokemon Avalugg is particularly weak to. But Avalugg’s fast moves are lackluster. Ice Fang is its best option, but it has below average energy generation. Pretty much every comparable Pokemon can outpace Avalugg in terms of building energy to its Charge move.

All in all, you should only bring out Avalugg out in specific scenarios where you know its mono-Ice Typing will shine. Sad to say, even its Hisuian counterpart isn’t much better.

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