Call of the Wild The Angler: Release Date and All Revealed Information

You may just get hooked.

Expansive Worlds’ immersive, open-world hunting simulator Call of the Wild: The Hunter was first released in 2017 and captivated players with its slow-paced, methodical, and beautiful approach to real-world hunting. This year, a new entry in the Call of the Wild series surfaces on PC platforms – The Angler. Following in the footsteps of its previous installment, Call of the Wild: The Angler has players roaming massive, gorgeous reserves around the world in search of their latest catches, albeit over the water instead of on land. Here’s all the revealed information on Call of the Wild: The Angler and its release date.

Trailer via Expansive Worlds

They’ll Be Biting Soon

Call of the Wild: The Angler is set to release on August 31, 2022, on Steam, Epic Games, and Microsoft Windows. If you’d like to keep it in your sights, you can wishlist it on the game’s official steam page. The planned price on release is unknown at the time, but we’ll update this page when more information is available.

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So Mooch To Look Forward To

When it comes to immersion, Expansive Worlds doesn’t hold back on their hunting simulators. If Call of the Wild: The Angler is anything like its predecessor, you can expect a large degree of detail and thought put into every aspect of catching fish. Players will customize their rods, fishing lines, baits, and hooks while being aware of environmental variables like water temperature, depth and altitude, time of day, weather, and more. Each species of fish will have unique behavioral patterns and will require players to carefully execute each catch they attempt.

Call of the Wild: The Angler, like its predecessor, will be continuously updated with free and paid DLC, introducing additional reserves to explore, rods and gear to collect, and vehicles and boats to travel with. Players can embark on their journeys solo, or invite fellow fishermen into their lobbies for online co-op play.

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Grab your tackles and pack plenty of worms – we’re gone fishin’.

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