Bungie Announces Destiny 2 Coming to Epic Games Store: More Info

Breaking news for all Epic Games Store fans!

This just in, ladies and gentlemen, extra, extra, extra! Destiny 2 is definitely coming to Epic Games Store later TODAY (August 22, 2022). Every Destiny 2 fan that prefers Epic Games Store can now rejoice as the game is made available on the platform by Bungie. There are a few more details that we will cover in the remainder of the article, including the 30th Anniversary Pack and how to get it.

How to Get the Free 30th Anniversary Pack in Destiny 2

In addition to Destiny 2 becoming available on the Epic Games Store, Bungie is also granting a free 30th-anniversary pack for all players who opt to download the game through the Epic Games Store in the next week. And we all love free stuff, right?

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Destiny 2 and Fall Guys to Have Collab with Fortnite

One more interesting piece of news related to Destiny 2 is that Destiny 2 is going to have a collab with Fortnite (along with Fall Guys, believe it or not), meaning that select skins from Destiny 2 will be available in Fortnite very soon.

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In addition to that, all DLCs will be free on all platforms for the next week for all Destiny 2 players. Thanks, Bungie!
The developer is also giving out Twitch Drops, so you might want to check out our How to Get Twitch Drops in Destiny 2 guide as well.

Destiny 2 Is Now Available on Epic Games Store

Destiny 2 actually originated on the Battle.net platform, and then gradually appeared on Steam, Microsoft Store, and now on Epic Games Store as well, giving their fanbase a wide selection of platforms they can play Destiny 2 from.

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