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How to Link Twitch Account to Bungie

Here is how to quickly link your Bungie and Twitch accounts.

by Nikola L
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Bungie has announced a lot of cool benefits that Destiny 2 players can gain by watching certain Destiny 2 streams on Twitch that are affiliated with or sponsored by Bungie. Some of the benefits are the well-known Twitch Drops. In this article, Prima Games will explain how you too can reap these benefits by linking your Twitch Account to Bungie.

How Do I Link Twitch Account to Bungie?

First, you need to create a Twitch Account (if you have not done so already). If you do have one, log in. You can do both of these actions by visiting In the upper-right corner of this landing page, you will see the “Log In” and “Sign Up” options (if you are not signed in already, in which case you will see your username and avatar).

So, choose the appropriate option (“Log In” if you do have an account and “Sign Up” if you do not have a Twitch Account yet). After logging in successfully (with your existing or newly-created account) you can move on to the next step.

Pay a visit to this specific page which is Bungie’s page dedicated to account linking (if you are not logged in yet, please do so). There are many platforms that you can link to, but you are looking for the Twitch icon around the middle of the page. From there, follow the page dialogues until the linking is complete.

That’s it! You too can now score some Twitch Drops from Bungie. Just make sure to watch Destiny 2 streams that are marked as affiliated (and therefore eligible for the drops!). Bungie also has a decent Help Article for the Twitch Extension which might be of assistance if you end up in a pickle.

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