BTD6 Update 38.0 Full Patch Notes Listed

BTD6 Update 38.0: Full Patch Notes Listed

Big boss bloons incoming

There are few things that are more exciting than hearing about new bosses, maps and towers added to BTD6. Tons of updates lately have had a mix of bug fixes and huge additions, and this one is no exception. Get ready for plenty of balance changes, new quests and some special upcoming features! To learn more, continue reading to find a comprehensive list of BTD6’s Update v38.0 patch notes released on July 25, 2023.

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Bloons TD 6 Update 38.0: Patch Notes

There’s a lot going on in this update. From a new boss to additional maps and hero skins, we have a lot to talk about today. Oh, and of course, we can’t forget about a new event! We even get a glimpse at some future additions, particularly involving console changes.

With all that out of the way, below is the complete list of BTD 6’s Update v38.0 patch notes.

Key New Features

  • New Boss Bloon, Phayze!
    • As existing Bosses continue to be tuned and refined, designing new Bosses becomes increasingly complex to find both visual and functional differences that truly mix up play styles, approach to eco, and Monkeys used. We knew camo would be a focus but the movement and entry migration proved to be essential as Phayze’s design took shape. We hope you enjoy the challenge!
    • Phayze has the Camo property and spawns with a Reality Shield that increases its movement speed while the Shield is active. Monkeys can destroy this shield to reduce Phayze’s movement speed back to normal again
    • Phayze triggers a Radar Jam every 24 seconds – this restores its Camo property if this has been lost & for 12 seconds grants Phayze immunity to any form of camo removal as well as disabling all shared Camo-granting buffs from towers
    • When Radar Jam occurs Phayze also pulls all Bloons forward to Phayze’s Location and grants them the Camo property
    • When each skull is reached, Phayze rebuilds the Reality Shield and warps forward, while opening a tear in the fabric of reality that allows for all Bloons to spawn further along the track. Note that the warp is proportional to track length, so shorter warps on short tracks and prepare for startling warps on longer tracks!
    • Skulls also trigger a stacking slow aura around Phayze, which reduces the attack speed of all Monkey Towers until the boss is defeated
  • Contested Territory Competitive Mode
    • We’ve heard the community feedback and have wanted ourselves to help Teams define themselves as Competitive or Casual, so we’ve developed a system that allows Teams to set their stance to attract players with the same mindset as well as sign up for each CT and lock those Team rosters in to acknowledge and help address some of the Team griefing that we’ve seen happening.
    • We’ve pushed the cadence for Contested Territory back one week to give time for Teams to review this new system and sign up for Competitive play.
    • Mayors can now set their team stance inside their Team settings. All existing Teams will default to Casual, so Mayors will need to set their stance to Competitive in order for the team to sign up for each CT’s competitive leaderboards. Team members can send canned chat requests to set stance to Competitive.
    • Teams that have been set to Competitive stance will appear in the Team search with a new shield icon indicating this Competitive stance and interest in recruiting competitive players.
    • We understand that some Teams have been playing competitively with dormant Mayors. If you are on a Team with a dormant Mayor and want to play competitively, you can consider leaving your Team and using the Team search to identify Teams with the Competitive shield icon.
    • Each CT event itself will now consist of two experiences: Competitive and Casual
    • CT events will start with a pre-register time period starting after the previous CT ends and lasting until 24 hours before the next event begins. For Competitive Stance Teams, once 5 players sign up for Competitive play from their team screen OR the Mayor or Assistant Mayor signs the team up, a team will be registered for Competitive Mode for that CT only. This sign up will need to be done for each individual CT.
    • Any teams that do not pre-register in time, or that are created after an event has already started will instead join the Casual event.
    • Rewards have similarly changed with Global rewards and badges of any kind only available for Competitive leaderboards. Casual Teams will not have global leaderboards or rewards; they will have local leaderboards and rewards but no badges.
    • Daily login reward remains regardless of Casual or Competitive modes
    • Ticket system remains unchanged for both Casual and Competitive – individual tickets are awarded daily, with unused Team tickets available to the rest of the Team on a periodic basis
    • Players who join a Competitive team after an event has already started will not be allowed to participate in CT until the next event starts. Players can freely join teams participating in Casual CT and immediately begin participating.

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New Awesome

  • New Hero Skin: Lifeguard Brickell
    • While already a true master of water defense, this update Brickell is diving in head first to take charge of Monkey water safety over the summer. There will be no running in the Water Park on her watch, especially from the Bloons, as her safety buoys pack a punch!
  • New Intermediate Map: Water Park
    • Sometimes Bloons want to cool off a bit too, whether it be on the waterslide or floating down the lazy river. But this is a Monkey Water Park so we can’t simply let them play around on their own!
  • New Quests
    • Trial By Fire – discover Gwendolin’s strengths and abilities
    • Brickell Bootcamp – discover Brickell’s strengths and abilities
    • Scoop’s Tall Tale – Scoop tells a tale about three brave monkeys, and this challenging 3 part adventure comes with some goodies for those persistent enough to make it through
  • New Trophy Store Items
    • Monkeys: Bomb Shooter Tortoise pet, because – of course!
    • Bloons: Bloon Sunglasses decal and Boat MOAB skin to help celebrate summer
    • Co-op: Tower Categories co-op emotes
    • Game & UI: Jukebox track Fiesta Flamenco [Helium Heights Mix], Lawn Sprinkler Camo Trap, Sunset Strip profile banner, Beast Friends Forever avatar, Greenfoot Fields Avatar
  • New CT Team Store items
    • Water Props: Banana Pool Float
    • Team Banners: Power Play banner
    • Icons: Many Hands icon
    • Frames: Gold Star Frame

Game Changes / Additions

  • Added Bronze & Silver map borders for completing all Easy/Medium medals, making for an easier entry barrier to get into map border collecting and add a more scaled progression to this reward system.
  • Assigned more icons within the custom challenge creation UI making it easier to distinguish different game modifiers quickly
  • Similar to cash earnings, ‘Regrown’ Bloons will now no longer count towards increasing a tower’s damage stat when they are popped repeatedly.
  • Categorized and sorted Quests to organize Patch’s quest menu
  • Added further support to grant our events more flexibility in Boss starting and finishing rounds
  • Team search filter added to search for Competitive Teams

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Bug Fixes & General Changes

  • Resolved a number of localization issues
  • Resolved some issues with font size showing too small in some areas in certain languages
  • ‘Bought’ and ‘Purchased’ text in the trophy store has been replaced to read ‘Owned’
  • Resolved an issue causing different player callouts to appear in co-op
  • Top section of the Play Social menu now reads ‘Social’ instead of ‘Co-op’
  • Resolved an issue preventing the Polyphemus Eye from being re-opened after restarting a Chimps/Impoppable game
  • Resolved a number of cases with projectile trails not scaling correctly with the projectile size slider
  • Cleaned up some small excess pixels that were visible on friend portraits
  • Party Quest BAD should no longer change to match the icon for whatever skin is equipped
  • Resolved some issues with how ‘Wind’ knockback effects were applying to Bloons outside of the map / Blown back out of the entrance
  • Resolved a softlock that could occur when attempting to purchase IAP while offline
  • Loading a quest save no longer allows unsellable towers to be sold
  • Resolved Camo Trap Incorrect Animation State on Map Restart
  • Resolved a case in which Update Notes button would not be displayed in the options menu
  • Resolved an issue where Quests would not save player progress if the player wins and chooses ‘Play Again’
  • Account webview should now allow for text to be copied to clipboard
  • Resolved an issue where partying ninjas did not have hands – while perhaps a definition of ninjaness, was a bit creepy
  • Resolved an issue where loading quest saves could reset tower target locations
  • Resolved an issue with 1000’s separator not being consistent across every language
  • Resolved a bug where some profiles were showing shared profile stats of ‘8/7’
  • Added Retry last round to some quests
  • Pre-game prep spikes now use trophy store road spike cosmetics

Event fixes & changes

  • Behind the scenes maintenance on Boss leaderboard score processing
  • Added an event icon to display if a Paragon Limit is being applied to events
  • Resolved an issue with Bloonarius spawning too many bloons when health drops too far below 0 in a single frame
  • Resolved an issue with Defeat UI being closed when Bosses leak in co-op
  • Dealing damage to Dreadbloons armor now counts correctly towards tower damage
  • Resolved an issue where some 1 shot effects could destroy the Lych Soul

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Tower Specific Fixes

Dart Monkey

  • ‘4 and 4’ Monkey Knowledge should now apply to the Dart Monkey Paragon

Glue Gunner

  • Fixed a bug with 420 glue gunner not spawning puddles from the splat

Sniper Monkey

  • 5xx Cripple MOAB can no longer debuff Dreadbloon during Military Immune Phase

Monkey Sub

  • 5xx Energizer should now correctly show it’s buff icon on Heroes below level 3

Heli Pilot

  • Door gunner can no longer collect towers from the Polyphemus Eye as it closes

Dartling Gunner

  • 2xx Dartling lock target no longer layers underneath Boss Bloons

Wizard Monkey

  • Wizard’s Phoenix should no longer show as overclock/door gunner targets
  • Resolved an issue creating a permanent magus flamethrower attack

Super Monkey

  • 4xx Sun Temple should no longer sometimes disable the main beam attack after absorbing another mini sun avatar


  • Resolved an issue with transformed towers from Total Transformation showing broken UI if still selected when the effect expires


  • Upgrading a crosspathed Druid to x3x changes target prio to strong
  • x3x Druid can no longer grab frozen bloons without popping them
  • 030 Druid vines now have green thorns until crosspathed to 130

Monkey Village

  • xx5 Monkeyopolis now gives the correct cash amount in Half Cash mode
  • xx5 Monkeyopolis resolved an issue with wrong purchase cost being shown until reselecting the tower


  • Resolved a crash that could occur when trapping a fortified blimp with a 025 trap after upgrading the parent XXXL trap into a paragon
  • Engineer Paragon sentries are now correctly destroyed if their platform is removed
  • Engineer Paragon sentries no longer position incorrectly when placed as the round ends
  • Engineer Paragon no longer defaults to throwing out a Green Sentry after loading a save

Beast Handler

  • Beast Handler merge hitbox size increased
  • Resolved an issue with Beast Handler not showing path restriction UI in Challenge and Odyssey Editor

Pat Fusty

  • Placing towers in Pat’s radius will now show a grayed out Rallying Roar buff icon

Admiral Brickell

  • Resolved an issue with Brickell’s Mega Mine not switching cosmetic assets


  • Geraldo’s restock rates are no longer 1 round longer if used from full stock
  • Geraldo Rabbits placed on ice platforms no longer prevent them from merging
  • Geraldo’s rabbit should no longer despawn when attacking in vicinity of an ice platform
  • Geraldo’s Rabbits should no longer become extinct due to climate change on Erosion
  • Paragon Totems can no longer be overclocked
  • Geraldo’s action figure should no longer inherit the wrong sell value when reassigned in co op

Platform Specific fixes

  • Arcade & Netflix friends names now have a dynamic font resolving display issues

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Balance Changes

Dart Monkey

Spike-o-pult not re-hitting targets after a rebound in the same way as Juggernaut isn’t as fun so we’re allowing this functionality to occur earlier now. Given the shift to more use in Boomerang Paragon with recent buffs making it more desirable we are again swapping the prices on these 2 paragons around.

  • 3xx Spike-o-pult now allows re-hitting targets after bounces
  • Paragon price reduced $350,000 > 325,000

Boomerang Monkey

Long Range Rangs is increasing its benefit to be more meaningful of a crosspath choice for the range rather than purely the Red Hot Rangs. Permacharge as a very good T5 doesn’t feel like it needs to have a cooldown buff over the T3 given how small this benefit is. As mentioned above on the Dart Monkey, these Paragons are having their prices swapped around and Boomerang Paragon’s Orbit attack is having the fortification bonus damage removed as this number was so small it added no value to the tower anyway.

  • xx1 Long Range Rangs range bonus increased 15% > 33%
  • 501 Glaive Lord radius increase from LRR increased 15% > 33%
  • 050 Perma-Charge ability cooldown 40s -> 45s
  • Paragon orbit no longer deals +2 damage to fortified
  • Boomerang Paragon cost increased from $325,000 > 350,000

Bomb Shooter

We wanted to add something unique to Bloon Impact while also improving Really Big Bombs very slightly as a stepping stone into it, so now both of these upgrades will become capable of pushing back Bloons that they hit – even if they are stunned or frozen! This allows Bloon Impact to now catch groups of Bloons in a stun net and slowly push them back the way they came while keeping them stunned. Recursive Cluster is also having the pierce of the recursions increased a little again; while we felt it needed a nerf earlier, the amount cut from it last time was too high.

  • 3xx Really Big Bombs now pushes back Bloons by 10 units
  • 4xx Bloon Impact stun duration increased from 1 > 1.4
  • 4xx Bloon Impact now also pushes Bloons back on every hit in addition to the Stun
  • 5xx Bloon Crush pushes back MOAB class by half this amount
  • xx4 Recursive Cluster cluster pierce multiplier increased *3 > *4

Tack Shooter

Tack Zone has so much base pierce the increase from 025 is rendered irrelevant no matter how large the upgrade bonus, so to fix this we must make the base pierce value low enough to actually struggle sometimes & we will give back extra attack rate to the base upgrade to compensate for this. Ring of Fire also generally has too high a pierce amount for how effective it is at utilizing its full pierce value. Maelstrom crosspathing? Why not, feels that this could be cool to try out, and more consistency on bottom crosspath may be able to make it the preferred ability crosspath while top path which already improves the base tower more will give back the massive pierce amount for times where the greater punch per use is required.

  • xx5 Tack Zone rate increase from previous tier 25% > 35%
  • xx5 Tack Zone pierce reduced from 4 > 2
  • 400 Ring of Fire pierce reduced from 40 > 30
  • 410 Ring of Fire pierce reduced from 50 > 30
  • 420 Ring of Fire pierce reduced from 60 > 45
  • 040 Blade Maelstrom pierce reduced from 200 > 120
  • 140 Blade Maelstrom pierce reduced from 200 > 160
  • 240 Blade Maelstrom pierce remains at 200
  • 041 Blade Maelstrom changes rotation direction to counter-clockwise
  • 041 Blade Maelstrom duration increased from 3s > 3.5s
  • 042 Blade Maelstrom duration increased from 3s > 4s
  • Super Maelstrom pierce reduced from 500 > 300
  • 150 Blade Maelstrom pierce reduced from 500 > 400
  • 250 Blade Maelstrom pierce remains at 500
  • 051 Blade Maelstrom duration increased from 9s > 10.5s
  • 052 Blade Maelstrom duration increased from 9s > 12s

Ice Monkey

Plenty of attention has been drawn to the high power of Ice, so we’re continuing to work on slowly dialing this back in fair ways.

  • 030 Arctic Wind pierce 100 -> 40
  • 050 Absolute Zero pierce remains 100
  • 003 Cryo Cannon has 20% shorter freeze lifespan from 1.5s > 1.2

Glue Gunner

This is not intended to be a significant nerf to the tower’s base game performance so we plan to keep an eye on the change; however the recent top path Glue Gunner changes where duplicating every high level glued Bloon into magnitudes more puddles due to the recurring children multiplication of pre-r80 Bloons. This caused performance issues and effectively broke the game in certain situations so we have limited these puddles to spawn from the first child of glued targets to keep the lategame performance unchanged but hopefully solve the root of this issue in the early game where the main attack is mostly enough to easily deal with all cleanup anyway. Also adding a little extra bonus for Relentless glue, allowing the stun splats to work on smaller MOABs & DDTs.

  • 4xx & 5xx Glue Gunners will only drop puddles from the first child in the split
  • 4xx & 5xx Glue puddles no longer hit Camo Bloons innately
  • xx4 Relentless Glue stun on pop now stuns DDTs & Blue MOABs for 0.25s

Sniper Monkey

Sniper farming gets a bit, er, very tedious in lategame when you reach large numbers of x4xs.

  • x5x Elite Sniper Elite Supply Drop will now also trigger all other Supply Drop Abilities
  • x5x Elite Sniper’s Elite Supply Drop no longer shares button space in the ability quickbar with other Supply Drop abilities.

Monkey Buccaneer

Small tweaks to Buccaneer’s Long Range upgrade to improve its additional pierce benefit for a number of attacks.

  • 101 Long Range more pierce to Main projectile +1 > +2
  • 031 Cannonship cannonball pierce 28 -> 35
  • 031 Cannonball frags pierce 1 -> 2

Monkey Ace

As the price of Ground Zero has been considerably increased in the base game since then, the nerf to 1000 pierce set for races a long time ago now feels restrictive for the price.

  • 040 Ground Zero ability pierce increased from 1000 > 2000

Heli Pilot

Given Downdraft has competed as one of the most debated best towers in the game basically for its entire life for both early and late game we are reducing some of the extreme effectiveness against late game Super Ceramics by reworking it to have an overall increased effect of blowing back multiple smaller children at a time but now requiring 2 pierce to blow back ceramics. At the same time, the T4 Support Chinook is also having a large increase to make it now a more powerful real end-game choice for a lategame version of Downdraft that can quickly deal with large groups of Super Ceramics.

  • x3x Downdraft rate 0.15 > 0.225
  • x3x Downdraft pierce 1 > 2
  • x3x Downdraft ceramic pierce penalty 0 > 1
  • x4x Support Chinook downdraft pierce 1 > 4
  • x4x Support Chinook downdraft rate remains 0.15
  • x4x Support Chinook downdraft no longer increases blowback distance

Dartling Gunner

We weren’t quite ever able to take Laser Shock in the direction we initially hoped to, and due to this the 203 crosspath has fallen behind in value and overall use, so we are improving some crosspath values here to fix up damage with bottom path Buckshocks

  • 203 Buckshot shock bonus damage increased from 1 > 2
  • 204 BADs shock bonus damage increased from 1 > 3
  • 205 BEZ shock bonus damage increased from 1 > 6

Wizard Monkey

Middle path T4 Phoenix continues carrying rounds quite well for a long period of the game, as a light nerf here we’re taking away the free camo detection that Phoenix used to get, given the tower has a camo crosspath it could go for to properly inherit this onto the phoenix anyway. When the Wizard Paragon released it unintentionally drained mana from every target the main attack came into contact with, which caused the passive mana drain to scale much faster with degrees than intended. At a base level it was balanced around this factor though so the passive mana drain values have been properly reworked to trigger from attacks being performed with amounts keeping it roughly similar but not scaling up to such crazy fast drains with the high degrees.

  • x3x Dragon’s Breath price increased from $3000 > 3300
  • x4x Summon Phoenix now requires the 042 crosspath for Phoenix ability to see Camo
  • x4x Summon Phoenix beloved phoenix micro has been restored
  • xx4 Necromancer targeted spawn point can now be reset back to default by activating the target option, then canceling without selecting a point
  • Wizard Paragon no longer drains 100 mana for every single Bloon hit by the main attack, instead;
    • Each main attack fired drains mana 50
    • Each Phoenix firebomb attack fired drains mana 50
    • Zombie Bloon spawn mana cost increased from 100 > 250
    • Zombie Bloons travel range increased from 175 > 400

Super Monkey

We’ve wanted to try out this idea for a while, and finally thought why not. It seemed fun to test with, so we hope people can find some fun use for it in challenges.

  • 041 Tech Terror's Bloon Annihilation ability now knocks back any surviving targets by a large amount: Knockback MOAB Multiplier 25, lifespan 0.2

Ninja Monkey

We’re mindful that this has been in place since launch, but still think this change could lead to more balanced crosspath Ninja play for casual and for apex players. Ninja's 1xx feels like it does too much, granting both range and attack speed to all crosspaths, so these benefits are now being split apart. As Sticky feels like it’s doing a fair lot of work these days we’re somewhat reworking this path into a range path but taking away the free ‘bonus range’ that Sticky used to gain independent of the tower radius.

  • 1xx Ninja Discipline no longer grants increased range
  • xx1 Seeking Shuriken now grants increased range +7
  • xx4 Sticky Bomb tower range increased from 40 > 55
  • xx4 Sticky Bomb bonus +50% of tower range removed, now matches base tower
  • xx5 Master Bomber still has full map range Stickies


Druid of the Storm is too inconsistent due to placement causing projectiles to intersect the path and spend very little time actually touching Bloons, it is gaining some homing to keep the nados running along the track over the top of Bloons to more consistently utilize their high pierce value. We love how this is working and hope you do, too. Middle path T4 isn't a very good improvement over the T3 so is getting small improvements to both its offense and cash generation.

  • 3xx Druid of the Storm tornado gains strong homing
  • 3xx Druid of the Storm tornado travel distance increased from 80 > 100
  • 5xx Superstorm price reduced from $65000 -> $60000
  • x4x Jungle’s Bounty vine brambles damage increased from 1 > 2
  • x4x Jungles Bounty cash bonus per farm in range from 120 > 130

Spike Factory

Further balance for 401 crosspath, while this does already see some niche use it made sense to include increased explosion radius with the larger tower range. A flat pierce increase is added on to middle T5’s base attack to reduce crosspath dependency & improve r100 strength. Finally, we enjoyed the hard hitting nerf to Permaspike’s early game, but admittedly this change didn’t really change much of anything for its endgame power while impacting pre r80 rounds far more, so we’re redoing the nerf into a pure attack speed nerf along with an increased benefit to the start of round rate buff to reduce the necessity in playing slowly with it

  • 401 Spiked Mines explosion blast radius: 30 > 40
  • 501 Super Mines large explosion blast radius 100 > 133
  • 002 Smart Spikes passive ability duration 2.5s > 3s
  • x5x Carpet of Spikes main attack gains +5p
  • xx5 Permaspike pierce increased 25 > 50
  • 105 Permaspike pierce increased 45 > 90
  • xx5 Permaspike damage reduced 15 > 10
  • xx5 Permaspike attack rate reduced 4.85 > 6.0625
  • xx5 Permaspike start of round buff duration 2.5s > 10s

Monkey Village

As a 1 per player T5 we didn’t mind this being excessively powerful at a base level, however the base level became so powerful people stopped investing into the actual farm sacrificing aspect, so we’re dropping this base value down to not skip massively ahead of the normal farm curve.

  • xx5 Monkeyopolis base cash amount reduced $2500 > 1250

Beast Handler

Compared to other T4 Beast Handlers and given the high cost of merging multiple beasts we agreed that the Orca & Megalodon’s total prices were too much more expensive for their somewhat random nature. The lower tiers on middle path Microraptor and Velociraptor are seeing all-round reductions as both have too high a base power and benefit too much from merges, gaining an overall greater attack speed benefit percentage-wise from merges than Trex does. Pouakai’s base pierce value was far too high so this along with the merge amount is being taken down.

  • 4xx Orca price reduced from $16,000 > 12,500
  • x2x Adasaurs attack cooldown scale 0.3439 > 0.3105
  • x3x Velociraptor raptor attack cooldown scale 0.3951 > 0.3105
  • x2x Adasaurus pierce reduced from 10 > 8
  • x2x Adasaurus pierce range reduced from 15 > 12
  • x3x Velociraptor damage 12 > 9
  • x3x Velociraptor damage range 24 > 18
  • xx5 Pouakai pierce reduced from 300 > 200
  • xx5 Pouakai pierce range reduced from 400 > 250

Obyn Greenfoot

Obyn obyn Obyn obyn obyn obyn Obyn obyn

  • what fits for ‘Obyn’
  • one syllable, maybe two?
  • oh well no one minds


May as well be a general camo for Ben level given that Trojan gives camo at 18 too

  • Level 18 Syphon Funding affects DDTs


Adora is a unique hero in how she has a great deal more value in spending cash to level her up faster, however she outperforms other heroes by too much regardless of this added cost. As her ability uptime is so incredibly good to the point of being completely spammable we’re increasing that cooldown slightly and reducing her base pierce in the higher levels so more thought must be required to utilize the large pierce increase she gains from usage of that ability.

  • Lv3 Long Arm of Light cooldown increased from 35s > 40
  • Lvl13 Main attack pierce reduced from 13 > 11


Because it didn’t really matter before, but guess it kinda does now.

  • Lv10 UCAV ability can now naturally see Camo Bloons

Vortex changes

As knowledge, power & variety of Paragons has developed they have turned out to be extremely powerful against vortex and we have reached a point with enough good paragon diversity we no longer feel like they need to resist Vortex’s stun for such a large advantage over other towers, instead of this we feel Vortex’s stun is just too long in general so is being reworked to an overall lower amount across the tiers without any paragon immunity.

  • Paragon’s no longer resist a percentage of stun duration
  • Stun duration reworked at all tiers for generally reduced durations
    • T2 16s > 19s
    • T3 20s > 21s
    • T4 25s > 24s
    • T5 30s > 27s
    • ET1 20s > 18s
    • ET2 25s > 21s
    • ET3 30s > 24s
    • ET4 36s > 27s
    • ET5 40s > 30s

Lych changes

Lych has some cheese strategy in pre-buffing before spawn to get around the draining mechanics, but boss functionality now makes it easy for us to try out a quick change to counteract some of this.

  • Lych now triggers the buff drain attack immediately on spawn

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Upcoming Features

  • Console
    • As this text is typed, we are working on our last Xbox bugs and should be submitting for that platform very soon. We’ve continued to make improvements in controls and display, and spent heaps of time testing the Xbox requirements but the submission process will take time.
    • We can’t call a release date for Xbox yet, but we are certainly hoping for late August, and as soon as we have a confirmed date we’ll let the community know through Ninja Kiwi social feeds and also share some videos before then of what it looks like.
    • We have decided on a price point of US$29.99, based on the massive amount of additional work done and ongoing, especially around couch-coop and updates, and the depth of gameplay available in BTD6 versus other games at similar and much higher price points. We hope you will find that price point fair when you make that comparison, and we hope we’ll have tons of fans support the console version when it launches, but please do know we will be participating in periodic sales so that players who can’t spend that much initially will still have a chance to own and play BTD6 on console.
    • It is also important to understand that BTD6 Console will not cross-play with mobile and PC. Console will launch with a content equivalent of Update 32, minus CT. It was simply not possible to make traction on console without freezing content updates. Our plan will be to update the console platforms to more current content after PlayStation has launched.
    • PlayStation has been developed in parallel but will need its own requirements QA sweep, so will come as soon after Xbox as we can.
    • Switch is not in development yet, as it requires even further additional work, and we’re keen to see what the response to Xbox and PlayStation will be, and the general demand for Switch – if you want BTD6 on Switch, please let us know!
  • Map Editor
    • Just relaying excitement here! We are getting close to sharing work-in-progress visuals but for now please accept words – it is looking so good! Client side and UI flow work is going very well, and we’re doing our best to frame what is actually achievable between now and early October when we’re hoping to release 39.0. We have heaps of server side work to do but the intent is to wrap up client side core features next week then spend the bulk of August on client polish, UI integration, curation, and server. September should be about further polish, testing, and hopefully some work-in-progress map building videos from our awesome Bloons-focused content creators! Thanks for reading!

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That’s the end of the BTD6 Update 38.0 patch notes released on July 25, 2023. If you want to join in on the conversation, be sure to check out the official BTD6 update Reddit post!

Bloons TD 6 is available on PC, Mac, iOS and Android. To learn more about the game, check out how to get big bloons in BTD6 or click the game’s tag below to dive into our growing article list!

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