There's been no shortage of cool Legendaries popping up in Borderlands 3 recently, and we're not just talking about weapons - artifacts have been making a comeback too. Now, if you have your eyes set on one particular gun-blade combination that's guaranteed to get your enemy's heart racing before they exsanguinate, then the Borderlands 3 Ripper Legendary might be up your alley.

Borderlands 3 Ripper Legendary Guide

If you're trying to figure out what's going with the Ripper at first glance, well, you're probably not alone. For one, it looks like a gun but it has a blade stuck to the front like some kind of makeshift bayonet? Well, alright. The Ripper is a Legendary that we can get behind because of its pretty impressive passive if you're someone with a penchant for up-close murder. The special weapon effect is called "They say I'm a doctor now" and it means that you deal 200% gun damage to enemies if you've meleed them. This damage buff lasts for a few seconds. The special weapon effect name evokes Jack the Ripper, which we reckon is also why the bloody visual effects on this weapon are so great. The weapon can spawn as Shock, Radiation, Corrosive or without an element. 

If you think that this weapon sounds like a good time for you, especially as someone who loves to be dealing damage up close. To pick it up, well, you have a chance of getting it randomly from pretty much any type of loot source in the galaxy. However, there are two particular bosses in the game that have an increased chance of dropping the Borderlands 3 Ripper Legendary, and those are the Brood Mother on Nekrotafeyo and Alicritious Vanda in Promethea's Cistern of Slaughter. If you're having trouble finding the Cistern of Slaughter, we have a guide right here that will help you - and we've relinked it for your convenience

Now that you have our guide to getting the Borderlands 3 Ripper Legendary, it should be a bit easier for you to (quite literally) rip through the enemies that are standing in your way as long as you're getting close enough. If you don't quite have Borderlands 3 yet and you're wanting to brush up on your video game slaughtering skills, why not use this link here to get it via Amazon and to support Prima Games at the same time? Once you've been initiated into that Vault Hunter lifestyle, why not come check out these other tips and tricks that we've put together for players like you?