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Borderlands 3 Pipe Bomb Guide – Find the Porcelain Pipe Bomb

by Ginny Woo

If you’ve been neck-deep in the looting, shooting, Vault-Hunter-cahooting dream that is Borderlands 3, then you’ll be no stranger to wanting the biggest, baddest weapons. We know we certainly can’t wait to get our hands on upgrades and every time an enemy spits out something that we can use to blow the heads off somebody else is a good time indeed. Check out our Borderlands 3 Pipe Bomb guide to get your hands on the elusive Porcelain Pipe Bomb grenade which is guaranteed to do maximum devastation. 

Borderlands 3 Pipe Bomb Guide – Find the Porcelain Pipe Bomb

If you’re on the hunt for the Porcelain Pipe Bomb, then it’s likely that you’ve heard about it through the grapevine. What have people been saying about this grenade? Well, it’s busted, and Gearbox haven’t quite yet managed to fix it. It does ridiculous amounts of damage, and it doesn’t require any real skill or competency to chuck the Porcelain Pipe Bomb hard at someone before running in the other direction. Alternatively, you can look right at the explosion like a Cool Guy, but the end result is the same: your foes being blown to bits, whether they’re bosses or Tinks. 

In order to access this broken grenade, you’re going to have to have hit a certain point in the story of Borderlands 3 where Eden-6 is accessible to you. Access to Eden-6, for those who are savvy about picking up quests wherever they lie on the map, includes access to a sidequest called Raiders of the Lost Rock. You’ll unlock this once you’ve taken care of an occupation problem for the Jakobs crew, and you’ve rocked up to a place called Reliance. 

There’s nothing special really about the type of quest that this is: pump some bullets into a number of things that are inconveniencing the quest-giver, and ultimately you’ll face off against King Gnasher. Defeating this bad boy and then heading back to the quest giver, Dr. Miles Brown will gift you with the Porcelain Pipe Bomb which you can then use against any and all angry foes on Pandora (and elsewhere) to great effect. Now get out there and blow everyone to bits!

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