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Borderlands 3: How to Solve the Revenge of the Cartels Mansion Puzzle Guide

by Liana Ruppert

Revenge of the Cartels has arrived with new enemies, new adventures, and that sweet, sweet new loot! For those ready to get their grind on, there are a few trickier steps, one involving a … you guessed, a puzzle. Here’s what you need to know when diving into to Borderlands 3 on how to solve the Revenge of the Cartels Mansion puzzle! 

Borderlands 3: How to Solve the Revenge of the Cartels Mansion Puzzle Guide

The Revenge of the Cartels content drop will take players deep into the Ultraviolet underbelly and it’s up to you to get Maurice out of trouble – again. He’s once again mixed up in the wrong crowd and is now indebted to the Kingpin of the Eridium Cartel: Joey Ultraviolet. Feels bad, man, but what feels less bad is that we are here to help with the mansion puzzle. Here is our guide. 

To begin this puzzle, players will need to go to the room where the golden mask was found. if unclear where that is if you haven’t cleared this area already, you can access the mansion near the Cartel Hideout fast travel station. Once inside, there will be a desk with a keyboard on it that the game will have you interact with. By doing so grants access to the next step and the ability to find the puzzle itself. Once found, it’s time to move to the next step.

Once the keyboard area has been engaged, you will see a bunch of shapes appear across all four monitors, those monitors you’ll see across the desk area mounted up on the walls ahead. What’s important to remember here is that the sequential order of shapes moves from left to right, not right to left. 

Once this checkpoint has been cleared, it’s time to head to the western part of the room and move towards the bookshelf on the right. More importantly, the bottom three shelves are a vital part of this puzzle’s completion. Here are the four objects you will find on these three shelves that correspond with the shapes seen on the monitors: 

  • One Pink Pyramid
  • Two Cubes
  • One Blue Cylinder

These are three-dimensional versions of the objects seen on the monitors alongside the wall opposite the desk. Now that you can see the items on the shelves and the objects on the monitors, the back part of the bookshelves alongside the back wall will show glowing numbers 1-9 sporadically laid out on the book spines. The opposite shelves will have glowing shapes that correspond with the monitors. If we add the numbers to the spaces seen on the opposite bookshelf, you’ll have the below pattern: 


1, 4, 7


2, 5, 8


3, 6, 9

You’ll also notice that there are golden ornaments that can be found above each object as well, and this can vary from player to player so there is no exact guide when it comes to that particular detail, but the one thing that is consistent is that there are three overall. 

Remember that the sequence across the monitors is from left to right. After observing the monitor patters, choose the numbers on the bookshelf that matches up to the symbol order. Matching up the monitors to the bookshelves will unlock a code, which is made of four numbers, and using that code will unlock the hidden room behind the bookshelves that is stacked with treasure. 

We know that there are a few variables that can be confusing and dealing with patterns might not always read well, so we’re adding this helpful guide video below from SubParLover: 

And that’s what you need to know about solving the puzzle in the Ultraviolet mansion in Borderlands 3! Be sure to check out our Borderlands 3 game hub here for even more tips and tricks regarding the latest Vault Hunter adventure and while you’re at it, hit us up on Twitter @PrimaGames if you’re looking for any additional help! Happy gaming!

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