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Biggest Differences in the Dead Space Remake Listed

The Ishimura isn't quite how you remember it.

by Shawn Robinson

Dead Space Remake is finally available, and with it came a ton of changes to the original game to make it fit more for modern audiences. From visual upgrades to gameplay improvements, the experience should feel great for newcomers to the series while providing something fresh for those who’ve played all the games. You may wonder what the biggest changes are to the game, though. Here are all the biggest differences between the original game and Dead Space Remake.

All the Biggest Changes to Dead Space Remake

There are a ton of smaller changes made to the game that we aren’t going to focus on here, but we felt worth mentioning either way. These include slightly revamped puzzles and better settings to suit modern audiences. With those out of the way, here’s every big difference you’ll notice:

Heavily Improved Visuals

The original Dead Space still holds up great to this day, but many of the game’s textures are quite dated 15 years down the line. Thanks to the introduction of the Frostbite engine, Dead Space Remake looks far better with better facial animations, individual textures, and especially lighting to set that grim atmosphere the game is going for. It’s far tenser, especially when the lighting is rather sparse.

Side Missions

While Isaac Clarke’s original adventure is great, it’s quite linear and asks you to go from point A to point B more than anything else. Thankfully, the remake changes that by offering side missions that ask you to go off the beaten path and be rewarded with extra supplies and more information on the Ishimura and its crew. Best of all, if that isn’t your style, you’re more than free to avoid it.

Better Fleshed Out Lore

One pretty big problem with franchises is the fleshing out of sequels doesn’t lend well to the original game’s storyline. Given the opportunity to revise it, EA Motive has done a lot to flesh out the world of Dead Space and various goings on around the Ishimura. To be more specific, more focus is put on the infamous Church of Unitology and the main crew of the Ishimura, especially Captain Mathius. That isn’t even mentioning how Isaac can talk, giving him far more of a personality similar to later installments.

The Intensity Director

Dead Space Remake looks differently at how the pacing of the game is determined, using an intensity director. This will change the pacing depending on how intense or how calm the current experience is. It also determines how to give out resources, which again helps to dictate the flow of the game.

An Alternate Ending

Last, but far from least, there’s now another ending alongside the base one. As for how you get this ending and how it differs from the base end, we’re going to leave it out to avoid spoilers. Be ready for an interesting twist on the base ending though.

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These are all massive changes to the game, and should again make the experience fresh for newcomers and veterans alike. All of this, while still maintaining the same thrills the original game defined.

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