Best Weapons and Pickaxes in Below the Stone: Tier List

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Best Weapons and Pickaxes Below the Stone
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Below the Stone has a variety of weapons and pickaxes that you can find in the wild or craft by yourself. Pickaxes are especially important because mining is the foundation of this game and the source of your gear progress. Here is the Tier List of best weapons and pickaxes.

Best Weapons in Below the Stone

Spoilers ahead! Some items are not craftable and won’t be visible in your crafting options. Also, more stuff will be added as the game develops, so this list will change as time passes.

Best Melee Weapons in Below the Stone

Here are the best 10 Melee Weapons in Below the Stone in my opinion:

1. Lava Sword

It’s the most OP weapon in the game so far. It one-shots lower-level enemies and makes quick work of the high-level ones. It also has a damage-over-time effect that’s applied with every hit. As soon as you find this sword, evacuate immediately to save it.

  • Damage: 14
  • Speed: 2.5
  • Reach: 1.8
  • Sweep: 0.5
  • Knockback: 5

2. Troll Bane Axe

It’s a pretty OP two-handed weapon, a close second to Lava Sword. It has a slightly slower attack speed, but trust me, you won’t complain if you get it. It also has a damage-over-time effect that is applied with every hit.

  • Damage: 12
  • Speed: 1.5
  • Reach: 1.6
  • Sweep: 0.5
  • Knockback: 6

3. Platinum Sword

It is the best sword you can craft at this moment. It’s pretty cool, but you will probably not find enough Platinum to craft it for quite some time.

  • Damage: 8
  • Speed: 2.7
  • Reach: 1.7
  • Sweep: 0.5
  • Knockback: 4

4. Silver Axe

You might come by some Silver by luck early on (or by just blowing it up with dynamite) to craft this quite good axe for the early game stages.

5. Tungsten Axe

I honestly haven’t seen any Tungsten ores in my playthrough so far, but based on stats, it’s a pretty powerful axe.

6. Iron Light Axe

This is the axe that I have been using for the longest until I got the most OP stuff in the game. It will serve you well, so it’s a brilliant investment, and Iron is not hard to find in Below the Stone.

7. Two Handed Iron Axe

Close second to Iron Light Axe, this axe attacks a bit slower than it but has a longer reach and a bigger knockback. I believe the tradeoff preference depends from player to player.

8. Iron Sword

It’s quite an okay sword. But that’s as far as it gets.

9. Lead Fury Hammer

If you find an Etherium gem early enough, you might want to craft this just to see what it does. However, perhaps you shouldn’t because it’s a slow weapon.

10. Torch

Not joking. Torch hits for two damage and then applies five burn damage two times (not stackable). Surely, more skill is needed to use this weapon than any axe/hammer/sword, but if you do not have anything better. I found that it’s slightly better than the Tin Axe plus it increases your line of sight. And you can plant them in the caves, too. Wounded Kobolds will run away from it.

Best Ranged Weapons in Below the Stone

There are not as many ranged weapons as there are melee, but you will surely have fun with these.

1. Silver Crossbow

I have yet to find this one, but a community member has helped out by informing me of its existence. It’s more powerful than the regular crossbow. And the bolts it fires pass through multiple enemies sometimes.

2. Crossbow

Without a doubt, the bread and butter of ranged weapons is the best, in my opinion. It’s mandatory to have it if you want to progress more quickly, so craft it ASAP.

3. Blunderbuss

It’s a makeshift shotgun that uses Tin Ore as ammo. It’s a good way to dump Tin Ore that becomes useless after a while, and since there’s an abundance of it to dig, you’ll always have ammo handy. Accuracy is terrible, so this one is only good for clearing mass waves of enemies (kill it with boomstick meme).

4. Cave Sweeper

It’s better than Blunderbuss in terms of damage, but it has actual Shotgun Shells for ammo. These are found in the chests occasionally, and you can’t always rely on having them, so I keep my shotgun stashed in the bank because I can’t afford to have an empty gun in my inventory. Accuracy could be better on this gun, given its rarity, and you will really only use it in extreme situations. I am saving it for new content.

Best Pickaxes in Below the Stone

In Below the Stone, different pickaxes can harvest different tiers of ore.

Ore Tiers in Below the Stone

Ores are divided into Tiers in Below the Stone, and here is the ore tier list:

  • Tier 6 – Platinum
  • Tier 5 – Silver
  • Tier 4 – Titanium
  • Tier 3 – Lead
  • Tier 2 – Iron
  • Tier 1 – Copper
  • Tier 0 – Tin

To smelt ores, visit the Blacksmith and bring some Coal with you.

Tungsten has not been discovered yet (as far as I know). And, of course, more different ores will come as time passes, so this article will be updated when time comes.

1. Platinum Pickaxe (Ore Tier 6)

This is the current top-of-the-line Pickaxe that can mine every ore in the game. It can also be used as a mid-range melee weapon in dire emergencies.

This pickaxe is craftable. Eight Platinum Ingots are needed.

2. Titanium Pickaxe (Ore Tier 4)

The second-best Pickaxe in the game. Mines just about everything.

This pickaxe is craftable. Eleven Titanium Ingots are needed. And I’ve had it drop for me a few times.

3. Iron Pickaxe (Ore Tier 3)

This pickaxe is craftable. Eleven Iron Ingots are needed. Get it when possible.

4. Copper Pickaxe (Ore Tier 2)

This pickaxe is craftable. Eight Copper Ingots are needed. Get it when possible.

5. Tin Pickaxe (Ore Tier 1)

This pickaxe is craftable. Five Tin Ingots are needed. Get it when possible.

6. Rusty Pickaxe (Ore Tier 0)

It’s the first pickaxe that you get. Suitable only for saving in some corner of the bank to remind you of your humble beginnings.

That’s all about weapons in pickaxes in Below the Stone. Check out our article about Armor in Below the Stone if you are up for more reads about this roguelike mining game.

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