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Warframe Gauss Prime Accessories Pack
Image via Prima Games.

Best Ways to Farm Relics in Warframe: How to Farm Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi Relics

When life gives you relics, don't open them. Make life take the relics back! Get mad!

If you want some of the more exciting Prime gear in Warframe, farming up and opening relics is an important step. Here are the best ways to farm Lith, Meso, Neo, and Axi relics in Warframe.

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How to Farm Each Type of Relic in Warframe

Relics in Warframe drop almost exclusively as end-of-mission rewards, though they can be obtained in other ways. Namely, endless Void Fissure missions, Relic Packs from Syndicate offerings, and Varzia in Maroo’s Bazar can all offer Void Relics. Given the speed and consistency of missions though, I’ll focus on that.

Lith Relics

Warframe Lith Relic
Image via Prima Games.

Hepit, Void is by far the best mission to farm Relics due to its nature as a Capture mission. This means you can hop into the mission, quickly delete the Capture target with your best weapon, and then get out within a minute or two. This makes the mission super repeatable for easy Lith relics, including some of the newer ones for Gauss Prime.

If the monotony of it is too grating, then missions like Stribog and Teshub in the Void will give a taste of Sabotage and Exterminate respectively.

Meso Relics

Warframe Meso Relic
Image via Prima Games.

Similar to Lith relics, Ukko, Void is an excellent Capture mission for farming Meso relics. Just run the mission, kill the Capture target, and extract as quickly as possible. With a little time, a heap of Meso relics will be in your hands and ready to open. Otherwise, Stribog and Oxomoco are good alternatives for, again, Sabotage and Exterminate respectively.

Neo Relics

Warframe Neo Relic
Image via Prima Games.

Funny enough, Ukko, Void reigns supreme once again for its speed and efficiency. It also works as a double whammy, dipping into both Meso and Neo for the price of one mission. As some nice alternatives, Marduk, Void is great for farming both Neo and Axi at the same time. The B and C rotations for Helene are also good, but should only be used when wanting to farm up affinity due to the added time requirements.

Axi Relics

Warframe Axi Relic
Image via Prima Games.

Axi relics are by far the hardest to farm due to the level of requirements of their farming missions. Because of that, you’ll see the same sort of mileage on the following three missions:

  • Tyana Pass, Mars.
  • Hydron, Sedna.
  • Circulus, Lua.

Due to the nature of these missions, you should pick one based on whatever else you need at the time. If you need Belric and Rania fragments, Tyana Pass is the way to go. If you want to grind some gear up to high levels, Hydron will be the better call. Of course, Circulus is great for some of that Lua Thrax Plasm alongside Voruna’s parts.

How to Open Relics

Once you have some relics you want to open, head to the Star Chart and navigate to the top right. Here, you’ll find a dropdown menu for Void Fissure missions. Select the Fissure mission relating to the type of relic you want to open, then select the relic you want to open. If you’re looking for an Uncommon or Rare reward from that relic, you may want to upgrade the relic using Void Traces (acquired when opening relics).

If you’re looking for more help with certain relics, check out our guide on all relics for Gauss Prime in Warframe.

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