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Best Ways to Farm Neurodes in Warframe (2023)

Those fleshy bits can help you advance your mastery.

by Shawn Robinson
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Warframe’s resource count endlessly grows to the point where it’s impossible to tell what exists and what comes from where anymore. The addition of Duviri brought another batch of resources from the new location, and things are even more elaborate than they once were. Sometimes, you just need some simpler resources to understand, including some rather infested ones. Here’s the best way to farm Neurodes in Warframe.

Where to Farm Neurodes in Warframe

Neurodes have a fairly low chance to drop across the board, with their highest chance being around 10% from opening resource caches on various planets. That isn’t the most efficient though, with drops from enemies easily yielding the most Neurodes out of any method. To that end, missions where you need to kill a lot of enemies quickly will do the trick nicely.

It’s because of this that we suggest either running the mission Mariana on Earth or Tycho on Lua. Mariana brings the benefit of being an Exterminate mission that is quick and easy to complete, meaning you can run it back many times without too much concern for a lack of Neurodes on a certain run. The benefit of Tycho, however, is that you get the Survival gametype meaning you could go find a room and sit in it forever with the right squad behind you. Because of that, we’d argue that you should pick the Earth mission if running solo or the Lua mission if in a group.

If you do choose to run Tycho on Lua, then your choice of frame will matter greatly. We’ve found the best success with Survival missions to be when running Khora, Wisp, or Saryn as they can all benefit a stationary playstyle greatly. Another great choice is Nekros thanks to his Desecrate ability dropping additional items on some enemy deaths. This is made even greater when running the Despoil augment, so Desecrate costs health instead of energy.

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Running either of the above missions will also award a healthy amount of Ferrite, Rubedo, and Detonite Ampules. You may also want to know the best ways to farm Orokin Cells in Warframe, which our guide can help with.

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