Best Strategy to Win Suika Game (Watermelon Game)

2048, but without maths.

Best Strategy Suika Game How to Win Watermelon Game
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The latest viral game the Internet is hyped about is the Watermelon Game (Suika Game). The rules may be simple, but the game is challenging to master, so here is the best strategy to win in the Suika Game (Watermelon Game).

Best Method to Win in Watermelon Game (Suika Game)

In case you are not familiar with the rules or the Suika Game or just want to know how to play the Watermelon Game, we’ve got just the article for you:

If you’ve played the famous “2048” game and its variants, you might be immediately familiar with Watermelon Game’s mechanics and probably know how you could beat it. Just in case, here are all the tips that have helped me make my very own Watermelon in less than half an hour of gameplay:

  • You need to memorize the fruit size order because it will help you plan your plays better. On Nintendo Switch, you always have a cheat sheet in the bottom-right corner which will show you the upgrade path.
  • Ideally, you should group (stack) the big fruits in one corner of the playfield. This will help you set up combos better. Remember how, in 2048, people stacked the highest numbers in the corner to create a perfect funnel? Here’s an example below, where you would technically need to find a way to form a new “256” and then perfectly merge it all the way to 2048, making a 4096. Now, that logic can be applied to the Watermelon Game as well.
  • On Nintendo Switch, you will know what your next fruit will be so that you can plan ahead by one turn. On the web browser version of the game, however, this is not the case.
  • You can use certain fruit drops to nudge, push down, or otherwise move the already existing pieces with the power of physics to help them merge.
  • Be patient and think everything through. The game is not time-limited, and you are not aiming for a world-record speedrun (not until you master the game, at least).

I’ve played around with the web version of Suika Game online, and here is a combo that I’ve made that should better clarify and illustrate my talking points from above. It all happened with one fruit drop!

  • Suika-Watermelon-Game-combo-1
  • Suika-Watermelon-Game-combo-1
  • Suika-Watermelon-Game-combo-1

If you can’t wait to merge two watermelons in the game all by yourself, on Prima, you can see what happens when you merge two watermelons in the Suika Game.

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