What Happens When You Merge Two Watermelons in Suika Game? – Answered

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Merge two watermelons in Suika Game
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Suika Game, also called Watermelon Game, is a Japanese puzzle game where you combine fruits into a box to gain points. The more fruits you merge, the more points you earn! Each combined fruit increases in size and point value, with the watermelon often considered the ‘winning’ fruit.

However, it is possible to merge two of these. Here’s what happens when you combine two watermelons in Suika Game, also known as Watermelon Game.

What Happens When You Merge Two Watermelons in Suika Game?

Merging two watermelons in Suika Game causes them to disappear, granting you a large number of points and clearing away the two fruits. By doing this, you can make plenty more space in the box, allowing you to place more fruit and make it easier to work toward a high score.

Although a challenging feat, combining two watermelon nets more points than the rest of the game’s fruits and nearly resets your board. With how empty your box will be afterwards, it’ll look like you’re starting over, except you’ll have all your points intact. It is a great opportunity to score additional points if you can pull it off.

The video below shows an example of this situation on the Nintendo Switch version. By merging the two watermelons, they disappeared instantly, clearing the board. Instead of leading to a win screen or another victory scenario, you’re left with lots of points and an empty board.

With this in mind, you can repeatedly merge two watermelons, infinitely gaining points. The main obstacle is trying to get two watermelons on your board in the first place.

In Suika Game, watermelon takes up nearly one-quarter of the box, with other fruits like pineapple and melon also occupying space. You’ll have to manage your space so your fruits don’t overflow. In some cases, the fruits may also jump out of the box while merging, which can cause a game over instantly. Getting one watermelon is already a challenge while creating a second one is even harder. If you can manage to do this multiple times, you can easily gain thousands of points and keep the rhythm going indefinitely.

Suika Game, also known as the Watermelon Game, is available to play on PC and Nintendo Switch.

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