Best Starter Worlds in Remnant 2

From the roots to the stars, where should you go?

If there’s one truth about being a guide writer, it’s that you’ll spend a significant amount of time trying to find every secret, every quest, every missable item. And in doing so for Remnant 2, I’ve played through each of the starter worlds multiple times. Here’s the best starter world in Remnant 2.

Best Starter Worlds in Remnant 2

When you first start your campaign in Remnant 2, there’s a chance of rolling one of three worlds. Those worlds are Yaesha, Losomn, and N’Erud. But these worlds aren’t made equal, at least if you’re first starting. And yet one of the best things about Remnant is that you can roll the campaign until you get a world you’re happy with. 

Yaesha is the best possible starting world for a multitude of reasons. When you first encounter this world, it feels like the most seamless option for the plot. You encounter NPCs that are directly related to the tutorial missions and characters you meet. Visually, it’s also among the most interesting, straddling the lines of both fantasy and sci-fi.

It’s also a good place to start to learn the game. The maps and their boundaries are all clear. The monsters range from very easy to challenging. Certain special enemies are also a good starting point for learning about certain fight mechanics that you’ll see later in the game. Similarly, the bosses have challenging mechanics with alternative kills that are straightforward to achieve. 

The dungeons in Yaesha are the best example of tiered difficulty. It’s perfectly possible to complete the dungeon normally, but Yaesha has some of the best secrets in the game, which reward ample exploration and experimentation. It took me my third run-through to find the maze, for example.

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The next best option is Losomn. Losomn is technically divided into two areas: a poor, rundown European city in the Black Ages and a fairy court. I personally prefer the Fairy Court aspect, as it offers the most unique events and enjoyable best encounters. But neither the Fairy Court nor Losomn have the same level of depth when it comes to hidden content.

Many of Losomn’s hidden events are based around RNG or finding secret entrances. The puzzle aspects are sometimes tedious compared to Yaesha. But what really prevents Losomn from being better than Yaehsa is twofold. First, plot-wise it seems less significant. None of the NPCs you encounter seem fully tied to Ward 13. 

Second, the environment is very repetitive. In Yaesha you’ll have two types of maps: temples and forest. In Losonmn, you’ll spend a significant amount of time in a burning European city, followed by a significant amount of time in a fairy castle. However, it does seem easier to complete Losomn than Yaesha.

The final location N’Erud. I recommend this be your third choice for a variety of reasons. The first is the poisonous mist that surrounds the overworld. This mist makes it difficult to see at a distance, it slows you if it gets too close, and its borders are vague. Worse, there are sometimes even items or armor in the mist. But they’re almost impossible to find unless you have a particular Archetype equipped.

The mobs in the overworld also feel much more dense, and it’s very easy to aggro other enemies in the area, as it’s very open. This can be a struggle if you’re first starting the game. But if you’re in the dungeons, I’ve found that the mobs aren’t particularly difficult but the secrets are lackluster. You won’t have to explore or experiment much to discover everything a dungeon has to offer, making it the most boring out of the three.

And yet, it also has some very challenging bosses. These bosses are actually probably the best in the three worlds, requiring you to utilize strategy and timing, as almost all of them have unique mechanics. But because of this, they can be very challenging at the start of your run. 

Plotwise, N’Erud seems to make the most sense as a second or third world. If you wait to go to it, it will feel like such a juxtaposition to the worlds you’ve already encountered, making the location much more interesting. 

As you explore your first world, there’s an amazing weapon that you can find once you complete it. This weapon is one of my favorites in the game and makes mobs easy to get through. Check out how to get it here: How to Get the Enigma in Remnant 2.

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