Best SP-X 80 Loadout in Warzone 2 Season 1

Balance in a sniper rifle.

SP-X 80
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The king of the sniper rifles has yet to be determined in Warzone 2, but if any of the snipers are close to claiming the title, it’s the SP-X 80. With the change in one-shot kill potential for Al Mazrah, the way we look at ‘viable’ snipers has changed a considerable amount.

When headshot kills are no longer on the table, we need to think about how fast we can follow up long-range shots and how fast our bullets can travel. Out of the entire sniper class, there are a few contenders, but the SP-X 80 seems to reflect those stats the most. This loadout will cover all the best attachments for a solid sniper build in Warzone.

Warzone 2 Season 1 – Best SP-X 80 Loadout

For this sniper rifle loadout, we want to prioritize the bullet velocity and the ADS speed on the weapon. Then the damage range will also get a boost so it can stay competitive with snipers like the MCPR-300. All of the necessary attachments can be found below.

  • Receiver: SP-X 80
  • Barrel: 22″ Cavalry Barrel
  • Stock: PVZ-890 Tac Stock
  • Laser: FSS OLE-V Laser
  • Bolt: FSS ST87 Bolt
  • Ammunition: .300 High Velocity

Bullet velocity is the first focus for this loadout and we have two attachments that are going to help in that regard. The 22″ Cavalry Barrel and the .300 High Velocity ammunition are perfect choices. Our barrel slot is straightforward and boosts the velocity along with control, but lacks damage range. The ammo will also need tuning that moves damage range and bullet velocity to the maximum sliders.

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Next, we want to focus on some ADS speed attachments. To help bolster the mobility on the SP-X 80 in Warzone 2, the FSS OLE-V Laser and the PVZ-890 Tac Stock are fantastic additions. Both of these will ensure that ADS and sprint-to-fire are as high as we need them for quick targeting.

The final attachment is the FSS ST87 Bolt and it’s nothing too special. We’ll receive some faster rechambering speed, but the main takeaway is nearly no negatives. It’s essentially a free fifth attachment for your SP-X 80.

And that’s all. For more on the latest Call of Duty title, head over to our dedicated Warzone 2 section full of guides, news, updates, and more.

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