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Best RAAL MG Loadout in Warzone 2 Season 1

by Daniel Wenerowicz

Before Warzone 2 was even released, many players prepared for the RAAL MG to be one of the best long-range picks in the game, and the light machine gun hasn’t disappointed. After the Season 1 update, this beast of a weapon has remained one of the strongest picks for primary weapons.

You’ll notice, though, that when you pick the weapon up for the first time, the recoil can be tough to deal with. That’s to be expected with a gun that hits so hard and has so much ranged potential. Our RAAL MG loadout will cover all the attachments you need to make the most of the LMG.

Warzone 2 Season 1 – Best RAAL MG Loadout

Some of the attachments available for the RAAL have limitations and it makes the overall build a bit more unique when compared to other long range loadouts. But we still want to focus on the same usual stats and slots. All of the necessary attachments can be found below.

  • Receiver: RAAL MG
  • Barrel: 21″ EXF Rhino Barrel
  • Muzzle: FTAC Reaper
  • Underbarrel: SA Side Grip
  • Rear Grip: STIP-40 Grip
  • Optic: Schlager 3.4x

The barrel attachment that we have here, the 21″ EXF Rhino Barrel, is missing a key component. It has recoil control and bullet velocity, but it lacks damage range. Considering the other barrels are a detriment, so we use the FTAC Reaper to add some more damage range and recoil smoothness.

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Next, we want to add some additional control attachments to compensate for the initial vertical kick on the RAAL MG. Both the SA Side Grip and the STIP-40 are perfect for evening out your shots. You’ll still feel some initial kick, but after those first two shots, the weapon won’t move.

To finish off the loadout for the RAAL in Warzone 2, we want to add the Schlager 3.4x Optic. You can use the VLK 4.0 as well, but the Schlager is proving to have less visual feedback and is much easier to control. Tune the optic to your liking for more stability or mobility and you’re good to go.

And that’s all. For more on the latest Call of Duty title, head over to our dedicated Warzone 2 section full of guides, news, updates, and more.