Best Sims 4 Game Packs, Ranked (2023)

The good and the buggy.

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The Sims 4 remains entertaining with its frequent bug fixes and content updates. However, there are several different options available for players who want to upgrade their gaming experience. Game packs are one of those options. Each pack comes with new gameplay, enchanting NPCs, and, sometimes, a mini-world to explore. Yet, not all game packs shine equally. Keep reading to embark on a journey to discover the best-ranked Sims 4 game packs.

Best Sims 4 Game Packs, Ranked

To determine the best Sims 4 game packs, one of the most critical factors I consider is the gameplay included in each pack. It’s arguably the most crucial aspect of these game packs. While new items, creative elements, and new worlds can enhance a pack, they won’t necessarily rectify gameplay issues. So, with that in mind, and without further ado, let’s delve into the best Sims 4 game packs.

12. Journey to Batuu

Let’s kick things off with Journey to Batuu. This expansion brings the Star Wars universe into the Sims realm, which sounds intriguing, but it leaves both franchises yearning for more. One notable difference this pack brings is its linear storyline based on Batuu. Players must align with a faction and complete tasks that are easier to follow with the new aspirations available. While playing through the faction can be enjoyable at first, the long-term appeal is rather lacking. This pack quickly loses its charm when you discover that the rewards earned on Batuu are of little use in the regular Sims world, making it the lowest-ranked game pack.

11. Dine Out

Bringing back a long-time feature in The Sims franchise, Dine Out centers around restaurants. Instead of meeting at a bar or lounge, Sims can congregate at a restaurant, complete with a chef, host, and server. Furthermore, Sims can create and manage their own restaurant. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, the reality doesn’t match the promise.

Dine Out proves to be one of the most disappointing packs in execution. On paper, it promises immersive and entertaining possibilities, yet it’s hindered by significant bug issues that make the game pack nearly unplayable. Your Sims will frequently fail to perform as expected, causing mealtimes to stretch for hours on end or, even worse, never finish at all.

There is, however, a small positive. The pack includes a range of new dining-related items in build mode, which can add a pop to any kitchen. Keep in mind that many of these are better suited for a real restaurant and not a home kitchen.

10. Outdoor Retreat

Outdoor Retreat was the first game pack that was released for The Sims 4. Understandably, it can feel lacking compared to the more recent packs. This pack offers a variety of outdoorsy outfits and build items that cater to players seeking that natural aesthetic.

In addition to outfits, Outdoor Retreat gives us a new world to vacation in. Exploring the new world is a worthwhile experience, particularly for visits to the national park, which is a treasure trove of collectives. However, with repeated trips, the area can start to feel a bit monotonous. Another drawback is that aspirations and skills don’t have much purpose in other aspects of the game.

9. My Wedding Stories

Weddings, a staple in each of The Sims games, have often left players looking for more. My Wedding Stories was the solution and promised to make the activity more immersive. With this game pack, Sims can host various new social parties and choose individuals to join their wedding party. Much like Dine Out, My Wedding Stories has grappled with bug issues that make it nearly unplayable.

While the gameplay issues are a major problem, there are still some good things about this pack. There is a new mini-world, which is one of my favorites. The scenic views are beautiful, and it’s one of the only packs to have a beach.

8. StrangerVille

For this game pack, players will use the new aspiration to help them solve the mysteries of the titular town, StrangerVille. This is another linear storyline for players to follow, and, as can be expected at this point, that affects the pack’s replayability. The storyline is well-written, and I found it very entertaining. However, I don’t see myself playing through it again.

Aside from that, the new world is incredibly spacious. There are several interesting homes, including a trailer park, and, my personal favorite, the plane crash site. Other players may also appreciate the new career path: military. It’s a semi-active career, meaning players can decide to go to work or work from home, and it has two branches to choose from.

7. Jungle Adventure

Jungle Adventure is a perfect pack for players who want a bit of adventure during their vacations. The new world, Selvadorada, is fairly large. It has three community lots, nice rental properties, and a jungle to explore. My favorite part of exploring the jungle is the scenic views and freedom to choose where to go. There is so much going on, and players can easily have a new experience every time they visit. The additional lore and community buildings are also a perfect way to take a break from the dangerous exploring while still utilizing the skills learned in the area.

While there may be plenty to do, it can be tedious for Sims to get to Selvadorada. Since it’s only a vacation world, going to visit can quickly become expensive. The aspirations and skills are also more useful on Selvadorada than in the regular Sims world, which can be disappointing for those looking for more.

6. Spa Day

While doing yoga, meditating, and getting a massage may be most entertaining to those interested in wellness, the activities can give Sims moonlets, which help with other tasks. Additionally, the new aspirations can also help Sims stay calm despite any negative events that may befall them.

Now, I love wellness and versatile traits, but the best part of this pack for me is the new items. In build mode, there are many new things to choose from, including paints, floors, and modern fixtures. Another great customization comes in the form of manicures and pedicures. Sims can now have truly remarkable nails, making them even more customizable than ever.

With all that in mind, Spa Day is fairly enjoyable. However, it isn’t the most exciting game pack. It doesn’t come with a world, so there are no new locations to discover. Additionally, watching Sims do wellness activities can quickly lose its appeal.

5. Werewolves

Overall, the rankings for the packs with new life states will be fairly subjective. They all have similar amounts of new content. The main deciding factor will be whether players prefer witches, werewolves, or vampires. Personally, I found Werewolves to be the worst of the supernatural packs. I disliked the temperament system associated with them.

That being said, Werewolves includes plenty of features and abilities that make this pack worth playing as long as you like the new life state. Players can choose between a different werewolf pack, choose different werewolf abilities, and discover hidden ones. There are also some unique temperaments relating to the shape-shifters that can make gameplay more dynamic.

The new world is relatively small, with only five editable lots. However, Moonwood Mill is larger than it would seem. The majority of the map is explorable and contains special lots, which gives players more room to move around.

4. Realm of Magic

Next up is Realm of Magic, this pack introduces the spellcaster life state and other new items and features. Again, while there’s some subjectivity here, I found Realm of Magic more enjoyable than Werewolves. This is mainly due to how much easier it is to care for spellcasters. They played just like regular Sims except for the added spellcaster meter.

This pack is also better for long-term gameplay. As with other life states, there are different abilities to learn. These can be combined in various ways to create different types of spellcasters. There is also a unique trait that grants more power to the descendants of magic wielders.

While Realm of Magic includes a new world, it leaves much to be desired. There are only six lots available, with one of them being the special Magic Realm. The homes are decent builds, but the world itself is rather dark and gloomy.

3. Vampires

In Vampires, Sims can become immortal beings, altering their needs and halting their ability to age past a certain point. This is another pack that obviously favors long-term gameplay. In addition to being nearly immortal, vampires have plenty of new abilities to learn and aspirations to accomplish.

Out of all the supernatural life states, being a vampire was the most enjoyable. I thought the different needs bars were both more realistic and easier to deal with. Plus, vampires get to choose their own weaknesses, making it easier to create unique characters.

While vampires are a big part of the pack, players can still enjoy the content without becoming one. There are two new skills to master, one of which is learning more about vampire lore. Builders also have lots of new items to make a gothic-inspired home.

2. Dream Home Decorator

Building and decorating play a big part of the Sims experience. Dream Home Decorator is brimming with new build mode items, including new appliances and seat types. While every item may not be a staple in your Sims home, it’s still chock full of useful items, like the built-in stove or the sectional sofa pieces.

Not only that, but now, your design choices matter. Before, having a nicely decorated home just meant picking expensive pieces with high environment ratings, but now that’s a thing of the past. Sims have preferences that can give them moodlets based on whether they like or dislike the chosen decor. While this does make gameplay a little harder, I loved it. It adds a lot of realism that wasn’t there before, and it’s interesting to see the odd combinations that Sims end up preferring.

Another major addition is the new career path. The interior decorator is an active career path that can be fantastic for players who enjoy the challenge of designing rooms for Sims.

1. Parenthood

Forming realistic relationships has always been a central aspect of The Sims franchise. Despite that, the dynamics have always been lacking in realism. The Parenthood pack is a must-have for anyone who has always wanted that area to improve. This pack introduces lots of new features that I can’t imagine playing without now. Toddlers, children, and teenagers can develop temporary traits that make raising them easier or harder.

Plus, parents actually have some sway in their children’s lives now. Adult Sims can choose new interactions from the parenting skill that can make young Sims more confident or withdrawn. Once they’re all grown up, the accumulation of these interactions will determine how close the child is to the parent.

Not only did this pack vastly improve these relationships, but it also added new clothing and build-mode items. While there are plenty of fun things for the children, like school projects, my favorite is the bulletin board. This item lets family members write notes to each other and set a curfew.

The Sims 4 is available on Mac, PC, Xbox, and PlayStation consoles.

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