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Best Server Settings in V Rising

So many choices!

Want to create a private server for you and your friends, but you have no clue what to configure in the settings? Well, worry not because we’re here to help you. Learn everything you need to make the best server in V Rising with this helpful guide.

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Server Settings and Personal Preference in V Rising

V Rising is a massive game that offers a lot of flexibility in the way you play. You could spend hundreds of hours playing on one single server and still not experience everything within V Rising. This game is an open-world survival game where you pave the path for yourself. Rightly so, that also means personal preference has never been more important in making vital gameplay decisions. How does this involve something as simple as server settings, you may ask? Well, the way you want to play determines the settings itself.

Do you want to enjoy intense, brutal PvP gameplay with strangers on Discord? Or maybe you’d like to relax and build for fun with friends? Either way, your personal preference determines what these settings look like, and there’s no right or best setting choice for every situation. Of course, there are premade layouts that you can pick, but tuning them is totally up to you. Rather than just copy-pasting a generic layout for you to follow, which probably won’t satisfy your needs, here’s an in-depth explanation of everything you need to understand about V Rising’s server settings so you can craft the best experience.

Choosing the Right Difficulty Mode for Private Games

The first thing you’ll encounter when creating a private game are difficulty modes and preset rules. Difficulty modes dictate how tough or easy the experience will be and automatically filter through the general settings, adjusting configurations to suit the server. There are three modes: Relaxed, Normal, and Brutal.

Choosing between these difficulty modes, simply presets the advanced settings, making the experience easy or challenging depending on the choice. If you set the mode to Relaxed, the experience will be easy and if you choose Brutal, the game will be hard. You don’t necessarily need to stick to these difficulty modes for your game, but they’ll automatically configure the settings for you, making the final process smoother.

Configuring Advanced Settings in Private Games

Once you’ve chosen your difficulty mode, you can head into the advanced settings. The advanced settings menu is located below the difficulty mode choice options. Opening the advanced settings will allow you to configure exactly what you want. Everything within this menu is self-explanatory and very easy to understand, so we won’t bore you with any additional details about them. Within these settings, you can customize how you want to play and make the game PvE or PvP-oriented.

Discovering Rulesets and Creating Your Own in Private Games

To the bottom of the advanced settings menu, you’ll see two buttons titled Save New Ruleset and Select Ruleset. After you’ve configured your settings in this menu, you can save it via the Save New Ruleset feature, so you can return to these configurations in the future. This is a handy tool if you’re constantly playing V Rising by yourself or with others and enjoy the settings you play on.

On the other hand, the Select Ruleset option allows you to choose from preset settings that will help you figure out what works for you. It might be a little confusing since the difficulty modes and rulesets sort of work the same way, but they’re a much more in-depth preview of each option.

For example, each ruleset comes with a detailed explanation of the settings and how it’ll affect the experience and there are more than a dozen choices to choose from. From laid-back PvE gameplay to intense, bloody PvP battling, there’s a ruleset for everyone. Oh, and you can always tweak the settings right after.

Playing Online and Understanding Server Settings

If you’re not interested in creating your own server and would prefer to join an online server, you’ll need to know a few things to understand what exactly you’re jumping into. The first feature will immediately show upon clicking Online Play and that’s whether or not you want to play PvE, PvP, or Duo PvP. By picking one of these choices, V Rising will automatically search through every server to provide the best options. If you’d prefer to scan through PvE and PvP, you can always click the bottom right button to show all servers.

Once you’ve chosen the right option, you’ll see an entire log of servers to choose from. Each server has a bunch of details you’ll easily understand at a glance. But to know more about the server itself, you will have to click on them and then click the See Detailed Settings option at the bottom right to understand what configurations the host is playing with. From here, you can decide which server suits your preference and start playing. To find more options, you can just use the search settings to filter through every choice on the list.

And that’s everything you need to know about server settings. For more tips and tricks, check out Best Base Locations in V Rising.

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