Best PvP and PvE Character Stats in ARK: Survival Ascended

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Best PvP PvE Character Stats Ark Survival Ascended
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ARK: Survival Ascended has many different character stats that you can use for various purposes. If you are wondering which stats are best for PvP and/or PvE, read our list below, which highlights the most beneficial character stats.

Best PvP Character Stats in ARK: Survival Ascended

In my opinion, the following stats will improve your chances of winning PvP encounters:

  • Health – so you can take more damage.
  •  Stamina – so you can have better maneuverability, outrun a stronger enemy, and give yourself time to recuperate or chase down a running enemy.
  •  Melee Damage – so you can actually deal damage necessary to defeat your opponents.
  •  Weight – so you can have more stuff on you that might prove to be helpful before, during, and after combat
  •  Fortitude – sprinkle a bit of skill points here to reduce your Torpidity.

Best PvE Character Stats in ARK: Survival Ascended

If you are trying to be PvE-focused, here’s what you might have fun with:

  • Fortitude – so you can survive against the environmental conditions better
  •  Weight – so you can haul more stuff
  •  Stamina – so you can do more stuff
  •  Melee Damage – so you can farm resources more efficiently
  •  Crafting Skill – so you can have better crafts

Of course, let’s remember Food and Water for general survival and Oxygen if you want to dive a lot. But that depends on the conditions you’re playing in. If the food is scarce, you’ll logically put more points in Food to drag the rations as long as possible, etc.

List of all Character Stats in ARK: Survival Ascended

In the game, you have the following stats:

  • Health
  • Stamina
  • Oxygen
  • Food
  • Water
  • Weight
  • Melee Damage
  • Crafting Skill
  • Fortitude
  • Torpidity (you can’t put skill points in here; it is impacted by external factors for the most part)

Health – This is pretty self-explanatory. You die if your health reaches zero, like in most health-point-based games.

Stamina – Like in most survival/FPS games, Stamina determines how long your character can participate in physical activities such as running (sprinting), jumping, swimming, etc… If you are forced to often have downtime in the wild, you put your life at risk.

Oxygen – Determines how long you can hold your breath underwater. Without oxygen while under the water level, your character tends to die.

Food – Increasing this stat improves, or better said, mitigates, your food consumption needs.

Water – Increasing this stat improves, or better said, mitigates, your water consumption needs.

Weight – Increases your carry capacity. People prefer to have a big inventory instead of going back and forth around the map to stash their junk, so this stat might be one of the more useful ones.

Melee Damage – Allows you to harvest resources faster, other than the obvious “increases melee damage” part, which is more obvious from the name.

Crafting Skill – Speeds up the crafting process, and there is a proc to get bonuses on the things you craft.

Fortitude – Bolsters your resistance to the rough conditions you may find yourself in within Ark: Survival Ascended, whether it’s heat, frostbite, diseases, poisons, torpidity, or even fear instilled by a roar from a dinosaur that’s ready to beat you to a pulp.

If you are having trouble connecting to Ark: Survival Ascended, check if ARK: Survival Ascended is down and how to check ARK: Survival Ascended server status.

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