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Best Plasmids in Bioshock

by Prima Games Staff

Bioshock is ready to bring the story of Rapture back to life in an even bigger way with the Bioshock Collection, which releases on September 13. In celebration of the remastered version of the game, we’ve decided to take a look at all the best Plasmids that players can equip in Bioshock. Keep reading for more details.

Before we dive too in-depth into Plasmids, let’s take a look at some other information you’ll need to know about them. Jack, the player character in Bioshock, has a limited amount of room to equip Plasmids, so you’ll need to pick and choose which ones you want to use depending on the situations that you’re heading into. You can change up your equipped Plasmids at a Gene Bank, and additional slots can be bought at the Gatherer’s Garden.

Now that we have all of that out of the way, let’s dive into the Plasmids that Jack can equip. Keep in mind, you might need to purchase some of these, so we’ve included the prices for those select Plasmids as well.

Electro Bolt

  • Effect: Shoots a jolt of electricity from the user’s hand. Can be used to electrocute enemies in water.
  • Price: N/A

Cyclone Trap

  • Effect: Spawns a mini-tornado that flings Splicers who step into it into the air, causing damage.
  • Price: 60 ADAM


  • Effect: Causes the targeted enemy to attack anyone in the nearby vicinity.
  • Price: 60 ADAM

Sonic Boom

  • Effect: Creates a powerful burst of air in front of the user’s hand, knocking enemies backwards, or tossing objects away.
  • Price: 40 ADAM

Hypnotize Big Daddy

  • Effect: Confuses a Big Daddy and makes it think that Jack is a Little Sister, and protects the player for a short duration.
  • Price: N/A


  • Effect: Causes the target to burst into flame, dealing damage over a set duration of time. Ignites flammable objects within the Plasmid’s radius of effect.
  • Price: N/A

Insect Swarm

  • Effect: Spawns in a swarm of bees which home in on the nearest enemy, damaging them while distracting them from the player. 
  • Price: 60 ADAM

Winter Blast

  • Effect: Creates a freezing gust that freezes the target in place, allowing them to be shattered with any weapon attacks.
  • Price: 60 ADAM.

Security Bullseye

  • Effect: Causes all of the Security Devices in the radius of effect to attack a certain target.
  • Price: N/A

Target Dummy

  • Effect: Spawns a hologram of Jack that distracts and confuses enemies. Useful for escaping detection.
  • Price: 60 ADAM


  • Effect: Pulls targeted object towards the player and allows them to throw the object into enemies and other objects, causing damage.
  • Price: N/A

These are the Plasmids that players can equip and purchase in Bioshock. Each one has a very different effect, and you’ll need to pick and choose which best suit what you’re trying to accomplish in the game. As we mentioned earlier, you can change your current equipped Plasmids out for different ones by visiting any Gene Bank in the game. Bioshock: The Collection will release on September 13, and will allow players to step back into the beautiful and dangerous world of Rapture.

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