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What is the Best Perk Package in COD Modern Warfare 2?

Perks can make or break your class.

Perks are nothing new to the Call of Duty franchise, but the way they are presented in Modern Warfare 2 is definitely a change of course compared to the past. This year, we all need to use Perk Packages that allow for four perks in total and three different tiers of power.

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Two of the four perks are considered base level in the Perk Package, one is a bonus, and the final is labeled as an Ultimate. Every round, players will start with the base picks. Shortly into the match, the bonus is earned, and about halfway through, the Ultimate is given. We want to make the most of these four slots and we’re going to go over what the best options are in MW2.

COD Modern Warfare 2 – What is the Best Perk Package?

To start off our package, we want to pick some solid base options. These are always present and they will make the most noticeable difference in each match. The best options are Double Time and Bomb Squad and there really aren’t better picks. Double time allows us to tac sprint for longer and crouch faster, which are both crucial in any mode. Bomb Squad will ensure it takes more than one grenade to eliminate you. Battle Hardened may seem enticing, but it’s not effective enough.

For the bonus in the Perk Package, we want to use Fast Hands. This perk works as another version of Sleight of Hand, but equipment and Field Upgrades will be thrown faster as well. Another bonus option is resupply so you can have two lethals and they will recharge as well. Definitely a solid pick, but won’t work in CDL rules or competition. Fast Hands is the best overall, regardless of the match type.

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Ultimate Perks are the final piece, and there are a lot of good options. In this case, we want to use Ghost because almost everyone in the game runs UAV. Yes, enemies can see you on the map when you shoot, but that doesn’t take away the flank potential that still exists. High Alert and Quick Fix are two alternatives that offer great utility for survival as well.

And that’s all. For more on the Call of Duty title, head over to our dedicated Modern Warfare 2 section full of guides, news, updates, and more.

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