Best Legendary Weapons in Dead Island 2: Legendary Weapons Tier List

Stabby stabby.

Dead Island 2 legendary list
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There are many great weapons in Dead Island 2 to choose from to destroy, decapitate, or mutilate zombies. The Legendary weapons have great stats and special properties that give it an edge over regular weapons, and here are all Legendary weapons ranked.

Dead Island 2 Legendary Weapons Tier List

There are eight Legendary weapons in Dead Island 2. Each one can be received by completing specific side quests, though some can only be acquired after finishing the main story.

While players can carry all Legendary weapons at once and there are no wrong choices, some are inherently better than others. Here are all the best Dead Island 2 Legendary weapons separated by tiers:


  • Blood Rage
  • Krakatoa
  • The One

Blood Rage is one of the best weapons in the game as players can quickly stab zombies at a fast pace combined with bleed damage for kills in mere seconds. This is followed up by the Krakatoa, which can set enemies on fire and heavy attacks do more damage, and the health-regenerating decapitations of The One.


  • Brutalizer
  • Emma’s Wrath
  • Party Starter

The Brutalizer may seem like a standard weapon, but can easily chop off limbs and can infect other zombies with status effects. Meanwhile, Emma’s Wrath is a heavy sledgehammer with shotgun blast hits. The Party Starter are brass knuckles with a high rate of punching and can set zombies on fire.


  • Big Shot
  • Bodycount

While both the Big Shot and Bodycount are great firearms for Legendary weapons, they come at the cost of requiring ammo in order to use them effectively. That means constantly crafting ammo or getting lucky finding some around. Both can effectively take out zombies quickly, but mostly from mid to long range combat.

For more help on obtaining some of these great weapons, please check out our guide on where to get legendary weapons early in Dead Island 2.

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