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Best Hunter Build for SMITE Season 10 Detailed

Hunt them all down, on every SMITE map.

Hello, and welcome to another SMITE guide on Prima Games. You’re here because you’re wondering how you can make Warriors cry as you “pew pew” them to death within seconds, while they can’t do anything against you (Hi-Rez, please fix).

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While there isn’t a unique “cookie cutter” build for Hunters in SMITE Season 10 that will defeat all of your foes with ease, there are definitely a lot of different build ideas which you can adopt or adapt to fit your needs and playstyle.

Check out the best hunter builds for SMITE Season 10 below.

Best Hunter Item Builds in SMITE Season 10

Without any specific order, we’ll present some interesting and functional builds. Here’s what happened with 10.3 Patch that prompted these changes:

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Build 1 – Pro League Hunter Crit Build for Season 10 in SMITE

If you’re watching the Pro League you’ve probably seen this build dozens of times at least by now. It seems to be very effective for many players.

  1. Hunter’s Cowl (Starter)
  2. Bloodforge (Great for sustain and gives a slight movement speed bonus which can sometimes provide that marginal advantage over your foes)
  3. Bladed Boomerang
  4. Demon Blade
  5. Deathbringer (Envenomed Glyph)
  6. Asi / Atalanta’s Bow / Qin’s Sais / Berserker’s Shield / Shogun’s Kusari (This is up for debate, of course. Every game brings different situations and conditions you are fighting in, with, and against. You need to build accordingly. You might also opt to sell the starter item instead of upgrading it, or upgrading it and then selling it if the game goes on for way too long.)

In total, 70% Crit. Not bad! Relics: Beads and Aegis, all the way. Spectral Armor wrecks this build, though.

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Build 2 – Attack Speed Flat Damage Pen Hunter Build for Season 10 in SMITE

  1. Odysseus’ Bow
  2. Atalanta’s Bow OR Asi
  3. Qin’s Sais
  4. Executioner
  5. Silverbranch Bow OR Dominance
  6. Titan’s Bane

A reliable and constant source of damage. Some people don’t like lifesteal. If you’re one of them, ditch Asi. You will mostly know what to expect from these items.

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Build 3 – Stim Hunter Build for Season 10 in SMITE

“Stim” means, in other words, Hunters that have a self-buff for Attack Speed, such as Artemis, and Rama, with which they can compensate for the lack of static Attack Speed bonus gained from their items.

  1. Qin’s Sais
  2. Executioner
  3. Dominance OR Asi OR Bloodforge OR Atalanta’s Bow or Odysseus’ Bow
  4. Demon Blade
  5. Deathbringer
  6. Silverbranch Bow OR Titan’s Bane

Variable outcomes are to be expected from this build, good bursts can be had.

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