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Best Gods in SMITE: SMITE Gods Tier List for Season 10 (February 2023)

Gods among the Gods!

by Nikola L

SMITE is one of the most popular MOBA titles right now. It’s free-to-play on PC (Steam), PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Series X and S, and Nintendo Switch. It has a very decent esports scene, which is constantly changing, and in addition, players also compete in Ranked Conquest.

The game has many Gods to choose from (there are currently 120 of them) but in Ranked Conquest, just 10 are actually played. Some are very powerful and therefore popular, and you will often see them either picked immediately or completely banned, while some others are not that useful, even if they are fun and engaging to play. Below, we will show you our SMITE Gods Tier List for Season 9.

SMITE Gods Tier List Explained

Tiers are classes invented by players that determine the power level of characters and to sort them by their overall impact on a match. The following Tiers are the most commonly accepted. Please note that this list is subjective and is always subject to change as the meta evolves:

  • Tier SS: Insanely powerful, Tier SS Gods are almost always banned before the pick phase, and the ones that aren’t usually get grabbed very fast. Many are subject to nerfs and changes.
  • Tier S: Slightly less powerful but still a formidable force to deal with. Characters in this tier also have a high chance of being nerfed or changed depending on the meta.
  • Tier A: These are stable and safe picks, rarely banned, but still played quite a lot. Tier A Gods will provide you with opportunities to play out the match competitively and to come on top with decent team play, especially if the team composition is structured well.
  • Tier B: If you’re good with Tier B Gods, you can utilize them for their niche uses and provide useful support to your team. They’re nothing special, but you’ll have a chance to win a match with a Tier B God if your team composition is well-tailored and you strategize well when it comes to map objectives and team fights.
  • Tier C: You’d honestly need to be a professional SMITE player to get away with using Tier C Gods successfully. Low competitive viability is what harms their chances to be played more often in the competitive scene, even though there’s nothing wrong with most of these Gods’ kits. Scrap them from the upper Tiers for a stress-free environment for your team.
  • Tier D: Or as we like to call it, the D-List of SMITE celebrities. These Gods are practically useless compared to other Tiers. Just don’t do it. And don’t do it to your teammates. Not even as a joke. Trust us.

If you are new to SMITE, you should probably focus on learning and buying (if you didn’t purchase a God Pack) the better-positioned Gods first as you’ll learn to play them as well as learn how to fight against them and what to expect when an enemy is wielding them.

SMITE Gods Tier List for Season 10


  • Agni
  • Bastet
  • Cthulhu
  • Heimdallr
  • Lancelot
  • Martichoras
  • Maui
  • Odin
  • Olorun
  • Set
  • Surtr (until he inevitably gets a nerf)
  • Tsukuyomi
  • Yemoja

Some of these Gods are rarely played because they are hard to master and use to their fullest potential.


  • Ah Puch
  • Ao Kuang
  • Apollo
  • Ares
  • Athena
  • Atlas
  • Bakasura
  • Chang’e
  • Discordia
  • Freya
  • Guan Yu
  • Geb
  • Hades
  • Hera
  • Isis (Eset)
  • Jing Wei
  • Kali
  • King Arthur
  • Kukulkan
  • Merlin
  • Mulan
  • Ratatoskr
  • Susano
  • Thor
  • Tyr
  • Ullr
  • Yu Huang
  • Zeus


  • Arachne
  • Baba Yaga
  • Baron Samedi
  • Cerberus
  • Chiron
  • Cliodhna
  • Cu Chulainn
  • Da Ji
  • Danzaburou
  • Erlang Shen
  • Fenrir
  • Ganesha
  • Gilgamesh
  • Hercules
  • Hou Yi
  • Ishtar
  • Janus
  • Loki
  • Morgan Le Fay
  • Khepri
  • Kumbhakarna
  • Ne Zha
  • Pele
  • Persephone
  • Rama
  • Ravana
  • Shiva
  • Terra
  • Tiamat
  • Thoth
  • Vamana
  • Vulcan
  • Xbalanque
  • Zhong Kui


  • Achilles
  • Anhur
  • Aphrodite
  • Bellona
  • Cabrakan
  • Cernunnos
  • Chernobog
  • Chronos
  • Cupid
  • Hachiman
  • He Bo
  • Horus
  • Hun Batz
  • Izanami
  • Medusa
  • Mercury
  • Neith
  • Nemesis
  • Ra
  • Scylla
  • Serqet
  • Sobek
  • Sol
  • Sun Wukong
  • Sylvanus
  • The Morrigan
  • Xing Tian


  • Ah Muzen Cab
  • Amaterasu
  • Anubis
  • Artemis
  • Artio
  • Awilix
  • Bacchus
  • Camazotz
  • Charybdis
  • Chaac
  • Fafnir
  • Hel
  • Jormungandr
  • Kuzenbo
  • Nike
  • Nox
  • Nu Wa
  • Osiris
  • Poseidon
  • Raijin
  • Skadi
  • Thanatos
  • Ymir


404, nobody is that bad.

We are pretty sure that Loki is just being Loki, the Trickster Troll of the bunch. He’s actually SSS³+ tier (or even higher, but unfortunately, we, mere mortals do not understand the language of Gods, let alone their nomenclature). He just wants us to believe that he’s harmless. Just in case, stay away from him for a while until he decides to move in some of the above Tiers because he might tune your damage output into negative values and then the game stops being fun.

We hope that you liked this Tier list! You can find more of our SMITE articles under the game tag, or by clicking this link.

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